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Become a CAPS Leader


To Do List:

  1. Read through the information below and on the CAPS Leader Page.
  2. Apply to be a CAPS Leader:
  3. On the application, pick ONE Mentor Training Session AND ONE Technology Training Session
  4. Check your UofL email starting February 21st for your scheduled interview time.

All applicants will be notified at or around March 17th and training will be finalized.


Responsibilities and Expectations                             

The following is a more detailed look at the CAPS Leader program intended to give applicants a better idea of responsibilities, expectations, and timeline for the program.  Dates are approximate. 
Training sessions will be scheduled for April before final exams begin.

What is the CAPS Leader program time line?

June 1: Shells will be activated for CAPS Leaders
June 1:  
Leaders should email or phone the CAPS Leader Supervisor. Let us know you’re out there!
June 1-20:
We will be scheduling 2 or 3 optional drop-by refresher sessions on shell development and questions. Dates to be announced.
June 20: Your shells should be ready for day one – includes bio info, discussion board post and resources posts.  You won’t send that email until July 14th, but have it ready.
July 14-20:
Week 1: Introductions and Icebreakers

Shells are activated for new students; first email goes out to new students
July 21-27:
Week 2: Civic
July 28-Aug 3: Week 3: Academic
July 28-Aug 3: Mid-point check-in with each Leader (approximate dates)
Aug 4-10:     
Week 4: Personal
Aug 11-17: Week 5: Social
Aug 18-24: Week 6: Getting ready for Welcome Week and your transition to UofL
Aug 20-24:
Welcome Week – PLAN TO BE THERE
August 23: Friday CAPS Leader Debrief Session and Meet Your Mentor Lunch (est. start time 10 AM) and other Welcome Week events to be determined.
CAPS Leaders should plan to attend Welcome Week activities and will be compensated for that time.
August 26:  
CAPS Leaders removed from Blackboard Shells (except A&S, Honors, and Business Peer Advisors)
September 16:
Complete CAPS Leader feedback survey


By June 20th, CAPS Leaders will:

  •  Prepare CAPS Leader course materials and post them to the shell so that everything is ready when the shells are activated on July 14th.
  • Ensure that any home pages/content on social networking sites (such as Facebook or MySpace) are ready to promote a positive message to new students.
  • The CAPS Leader Program Supervisor will check your courses before July 14th and provide feedback as necessary to ensure a good start.
  • CAPS Leaders will be provided with the Book-in-Common (BinC) in April at the CAPS Leader training.  CAPS Leaders will have read the BinC to be able to incorporate meaningful discussion with incoming students when the program begins July 14th.

Weekly, CAPS Leaders are expected to:

  •  Prepare and post/email the weekly lesson plans.
  •         This consists of the following responsibilities:
      • Sending out the Cardinal Clue/Theme email on Monday or Tuesday (and in the third week sending out a personal email to any students who have not yet responded)
      • CC: CAPS Leader Supervisor on each week’s group email.
      • Posting your additions to resources/links
      • Posting any announcements as received from the Coordinator or conceived by the CAPS Leader
  •  Run the weekly Blackboard reports, prepare the weekly Contact Log, and email the completed report to the CAPS Leader Supervisor by Monday evening for the week prior.

Between July 28 & August 3:

  •  The Supervisor will conduct a mid-program check-in with each Leader.  The Supervisor will provide the Leaders with feedback about their performance, and he or she will ask for your feedback about how the program is going for you.  This contact will occur either over the phone or in person based on what is most convenient for the CAPS Leader.

Throughout the program, CAPS Leaders are expected to:

  •  Do their very best to help our incoming students feel more connected to the University and to other students/faculty/staff, and to help ease the new students’ transitions to UofL by following and personalizing the facilitation guide for each week.
  • Contact the supervisor with any questions or concerns as they arise so that they can be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Check email and the CAPS Leader Administration shell for communication from students, the Supervisor, or others associated with the CAPS Leader program.  Leaders are expected to read and respond to emails at least once every 24-48 hours on average.
  • Work hard to engage the students through both group and one-on-one contact. If the Leader needs assistance or support engaging his/her mentees, contact the CAPS Leader Supervisor.
  • Maintain contact with mentees primarily via Blackboard and the CAPS Leader program, using Facebook or other social networking sites as an optional and secondary means of communication. 
  • Promote other First Year Initiatives and welcome back programs, such as STOMP, Book-in-Common, Welcome Week, the FRY new student newsletter, the RSO Fair, REACH tutoring, etc.

When the program ends/is coming to an end, CAPS Leaders are expected to:

  •  Complete a CAPS Leader self-assessment at the end of the program.
  • Participate in a CAPS Leader focus group/final evaluation process.

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