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Current Students

What is the purpose of the program?

The CAPS Leader program helps keep incoming students connected to the university and supported through their transition to UofL during the time between Summer Orientation and the start of classes.  The CAPS Leaders (student mentors) will seek to engage incoming students and provide one-on-one, peer-to-peer connections.  The basic content for student engagement, provided to Leaders in the form of a weekly facilitation guide, will incorporate the CAPS theme (Civic, Academic, Personal, and Social) as the Leader assists students in understanding and preparing for the start of the term and their successful career at UofL.  CAPS Leaders also continue the discussion of the year’s Book-in–Common (BinC), which started at Orientation with the Student Orientation Staff members.


How does the program work?

One CAPS Leader is assigned to each academic orientation course shell in Blackboard (Ex. GEN 101-01). (There are approximately 75 orientation courses each fall across all academic units.)  CAPS Leaders are assigned 1-2 course shells and work typically 2 hours per shell at $9/hour. After summer orientations end, the Blackboard course shells are “turned on” early for new students on Monday, July 14th, and CAPS Leaders use the Blackboard shell to provide helpful information and support to the new students enrolled in that section. 

CAPS Leaders work off of a weekly facilitation guide that they receive to help guide their work, but the key is for each Leader to personalize the experience for their students; their tab in the course shell, the weekly emails they send, and responses to individual student questions and concerns should all reflect the CAPS Leaders’ own style and experiences. 

The program culminates at Welcome Week.  The Meet Your Mentor Lunch is an opportunity for CAPS Leaders and their students to connect in person and for incoming students to get to know the other students who will be in their Academic Orientation course.

Because the program is entirely online, Leaders will be trained before the end of the spring semester, where they will receive their free copy of the Book-in-Common. CAPS Leaders can be anywhere in the world during the program as long as they have consistent internet access to fulfill their duties and as long as they are present at Welcome Week.  Likewise, our new students can participate whether they are in Maysville, Malibu or Montpellier.

What do our CAPS Leaders say they got out of the program?

  • Feeling great about helping new students have a smoother transition - you make a difference!!
  • Strengthened mentor skills
  • Learning new things about UofL
  • Making positive connections with new students, especially helpful when the CAPS Leader is the orientation course peer advisor or other fall mentor (REACH Ambassador, CONECT mentor, First Year Guide, etc.)
  • Making a positive connection with a faculty/staff member


How do I apply to be a CAPS Leader?

A&S and Honors Peer Advisor applicants:

Your participation in the CAPS Leader program is a requirement for both positions, and there will not be a separate application process for the two programs.  Your application to the A&S or Honors Peer Advising  program will serve as your CAPS Leader application, and all peer advisors hired for 2014 will be CAPS Leaders for their GEN 101 courses.

All other applicants:

Applications for anyone else interested in being a CAPS Leader are available now through January 31st.



Applicants chosen for an interview will have a time slot for their interview the week prior to Spring Break.

Applicants chosen to become CAPS Leaders will attend training sessions in early-April with an optional refresher course in June.

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