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Space Heater Guidelines

Originator: Department Of Public Safety, Issued: September 17, 2009

The University of Louisville expressly reserves the right to inspect and determine the appropriateness of all space heaters used on our campus.

We recognize that individuals have different levels of comfort associated with temperature and heat.  Therefore, the use of electric space heaters, as a temporary measure, is permitted provided the following guidelines are followed:

  1. They must be electric powered, fuel powered (propane, kerosene) space heaters are not permitted.  They must not require more than 120 volts of electricity to operate and shall be plugged directly in the outlet without use of an extension cord.
  2. They must have a tip-over shut-down safety feature that will shut the unit off within 10 seconds when tipped over.
  3. They must be fan driven with exposed heat coils. Liquid-filled heaters are permitted.
  4. They must have a thermostat, which automatically shuts the heater off when a pre-set temperature is reached.
  5. All space heaters must be UL (Underwriters Laboratory) or national testing lab approved.
  6. Space heaters shall be operated only while being attended and shall be disconnected from the electrical outlet daily.
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To report an emergency, dial 852-6111 or 911.

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