SFAO Scholarship Application

Step 1: Demographics
Step 2: Personal Statement
To be considered for all of the scholarships listed, please provide a personal statement detailing your educational and career goals. Do not reference a specific scholarship by name in your personal statement. If you are unable to upload your personal statement, please contact rachel.kirk@louisville.edu.
Step 3: Essay(s)
Each scholarship managed by the Student Financial Aid Office is unique. By providing a personal statement above, you have indicated your interest in all of the scholarships. To be considered further for a particular scholarship for which you have an interest, you may submit additional essays specific to the scholarship descriptions (even in cases where the description may not specifically ask for an essay). If you are unable to upload your essay(s), please contact rachel.kirk@louisville.edu.
Step 4: Letter(s) of Recommendation
Please provide at least one letter of recommendation to support why you should receive and/or how you would benefit from the support of a scholarship. When possible, letters of recommendation should refer to scholarships at the University of Louisville in general terms and not mention specific awards. Letter(s) of recommendation should be uploaded below. If you are unable to upload your letter(s) of recommendation, please contact rachel.kirk@louisville.edu.
Step 5: Additional Documentation
Please use this space to upload any additional documentation needed to complete your application. Remember to review scholarship descriptions and provide additional details for scholarships for which you have an interest. Note that some of the scholarships require additional forms.
Step 6: Affirm the Following
Please affirm the following statements by checking any applicable boxes. Additional information and requirements may be needed in order to determine eligibility for certain scholarships.