National Scholars Program Requirements and Expectations

Being a recipient of a National Scholars award at the University of Louisville brings with it a number of responsibilities.  The following is a list of expectations for you as a scholarship student. 


There is no minimum GPA requirement for National Scholars students.  However, you must be making satisfactory progress in your academic program and you must remain in good standing within the program.


All National Scholar students are expected to enroll full time each semester.  Currently, a full course load for an undergraduate student is considered to be 12 or more credit hours.  A full course load for a graduate student is considered to be 9 or more credit hours.

Students that participate in cooperative programs (co-ops) during the fall and spring semesters may be eligible to receive scholarship funding at the full-time amount.  All Speed School co-op students are considered to be full-time for financial aid programs.  Students enrolling in co-ops found in other academic units should contact that unit for guidance about full-time status.

If a student must leave the university due to special circumstances they may be eligible for a leave of absence from their scholarship.  In there are unique circumstances that require you to take a break from attendance and you are  receiving a National Scholar award a leave of absence request must be submitted.  The requests must be submitted to the Student Financial Aid Office.

Attending Summer School

National Scholar funds are not available during summer semesters, with the exception of first-year Speed School students.  Speed School students are required to be enrolled full-time in the summer following their first year of enrollment.  First-year Speed School students will automatically be awarded their scholarship for the summer semester as long as they are enrolled full time.  Speed School students are not eligible for funding during subsequent summer semesters of their academic programs.  Scholarship funding received during fall and spring co-op semesters should be saved and used for expenses during the summer semesters.


The National Scholars Award is renewable while the student is pursuing their first bachelor’s degree and making satisfactory progress in their academic program.  Once a student completes their first bachelor’s degree, they are no longer eligible for the award.  An exception to this is students enrolled in Speed School.  Due to the nature of the program, the award will include the additional semesters for the Master’s of Engineering.


If you have any questions or need assistance, you are always welcome to email the Student Financial Aid Office, call our help line at 502-852-5511, or stop by the Houchens Building, Room 110.