Guide for Scholarship Organizations

If you need our office to complete and return documents verifying eligibility criteria to issue the scholarship check, you must send us a release form signed by the student.

Mail scholarship checks for students at the University of Louisville to the following address:

Student Financial Aid Office
University of Louisville
Houchens Building Room 110
Louisville, Kentucky 40292

Please send a letter with the check that includes eligibility requirements that must be verified prior to disbursement. Also, include a unique identifier for the student in addition to the student's name.

If you're interested in advertising an outside scholarship on our website, please complete the Outside Scholarship Advertisement Request Form.

For questions on outside scholarship processing please contact any of the following:
(502) 852-5511

Brittini Wise
(502) 852-1369

Angela Beverly
(502) 852-5517

Katie Farmer
(502) 852-6037

Angela Black
(502) 852-3870

Rachel Kirk
(502) 852-8379