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Admission Based Scholarships

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There are three main Admission Based Scholarship programs: Trustees, Porter and National Scholar awards.   Students who have been awarded a University of Louisville renewable Trustees or Porter award must maintain the requirements and expectations of the awarded scholarship.  Students awarded the National Scholar award can refer to the National Scholar requirements and expectations. Students who do not maintain the scholarship requirements have an opportunity to appeal.  For common questions and answers regarding the appeal process, visit the Scholarship Appeals: Q & A webpage

Students who have previously lost a scholarship due to not meeting eligibility requirements may qualify for scholarship reinstatement.  Students who regain eligibility by the end of the spring term may  request consideration of scholarship reinstatement by submitting the reinstatement form by June 1st. The student's eligibility will be reviewed and if all requirements are met, the scholarship will be considered for reinstatement for the following academic year. Reinstatement forms will be made available by May 1 and must be returned to Lindsay Driskell in the Student Financial Aid Office by June 1.

Students awarded a Trustees First Year Scholarship are not eligible for scholarship renewal in subsequent years.  Before a student's Trustees First Year Scholarship has expired, they can consider applying for the Continuing Undergraduate Academic Scholarship

If a student must leave the university due to special circumstances they may be eligible for a leave of absence from their scholarship. If there are unique circumstances that require students to take a break from attendance and they are receiving a Trustees, Porter, or National Scholar award  a 2014-2015 leave of absence request must be submitted. All requests will be reviewed and, if approved, a leave of absence for scholarship purposes will be granted. Not all requests for a leave of absence will be approved. These requests must be submitted to Lindsay Driskell in the Student Financial Aid Office.

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