Staff Directory

Counseling Team

Graduate Peer Counselors
Henry Briggs, Ashleigh Hazley, Lauren McCurdy, Peyton Ramser, Brittini Wise

  • Supports scholarship processing as needed
  • Assists with loan processing
  • Provides counseling in Call Center
  • Supports customer Service Team as needed
  • Assists with document imaging

Niki Royce
Financial Aid Advisor
Phone: 502-852-1407

  • Assists team in processing forms and counseling students with last name A-K
  • Provides customer service support for front counter and phones
  • Processes loan adjustments and applications
  • GRE Fee Waiver Coordinator

Miggeletta Wade
Financial Aid Advisor
Phone: 502-852-8348

  • Assists team in processing forms and counseling students with last name L-R
  • Provides customer service support for front counter and phones
  • Processes loan adjustments and applications
  • GRE Fee Waiver Coordinator

Samanatha Goodin
Financial Aid Advisor Sr.
Phone: 502-852-7554

  • Counsels students with last name A-G in person, on phone, and via email
  • Processes and revises aid awards
  • Coordinates SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) Policy

Monique Green
Financial Aid Advisor Sr.
Phone: 502-852-8909

  • Counsels students with last name H-O in person, on phone, and via email
  • Processes and revises aid awards
  • Coordinate FAFSA corrections for special populations dealing with citizenship, legal relationship, selective service registration, as well as other checklist forms
  • Oversee the collection and processing of dependency override appeals

Cedric D. Trigg
Financial Aid Advisor Sr.
Phone: 502-852-1405

  • Counsels students with last name P-Z in person, on phone, and via email
  • Processes and revises aid awards
  • Coordinates activities for CAP Grant
  • Processes Non-Degree Student Statements for federal aid eligibility


Verification Processing

Ron'a L. Thomas
Financial Aid Advisor
Phone: 502-852-8378

  • Provides support to Associate Director for Processing/Systems
  • Manages federal verification processing (tax returns, etc.)
  • Provides support to document imaging


LaKeesha Turner
Administrative Associate

  • Federal verification processing (tax returns, etc.)
  • Provides support to document imaging


Systems Operations/Technical

Nichelle Johnson
Information Management Specialist
Phone: 502-852-8342

  • Assists with running daily loan computer processes
  • Assists with electronic file transmissions with state and federal government agencies
  • Supports document imaging
  • Supports Verification Processing team

Mary M. McMullen
Administrative Systems Analyst
Phone: 502-852-8377

  • Manages electronic processing of loan certifications, guarantees, and EFT's with state agency
  • Coordinates data entry of manual loan checks
  • Liaison with Bursar for check disbursement and return of loan checks
  • Resolves loan issues with system, guarantee agency, and/or lender
  • Tracks confirmation of completed entrance interviews


Bryan Trautwein
Assistant Director
Phone: 502-852-8349

  • Provides support to federal verification and FAFSA correction processing
  • Oversees document imaging system
  • Processes suspended FAFSA records and performs conflict resolution
  • Supervises federal electronic data exchange software and processes
  • Processes date of birth and driver's license documents


William Adamchik
Administrative Systems Analyst
Phone: 502-852-7381

  • Updates printing and publication materials
  • Sends out mass communications to students
  • Updates Financial Aid Website
  • Coordinates TEACH Grant Program
  • Manages and maintains Crystal Reports for the SFAO
  • Provides support to Associate Director for Operations/Systems


Charlie Rademaker
Administrative Systems Analyst
Phone: 502-852-8346

  • Provides desktop support to Student Financial Aid department
  • Updates Financial Aid Website
  • Provides support to Associate Director for Operations/Systems


Scholarship Processing

Katie Baker
Scholarship Program Manager
Phone: 502-852-6037

    • Primary resource for KEES, KY National Guard, and other state programs (excluding CAP)
    • Primary resource for non-resident state grants
    • Primary resource for athletic scholarships
    • Serves as resource for university departments
    • Oversees processing of departmental and outside scholarships
    • Provides general support to scholarship team

      Lindsay Driskell
      Scholarship Program Manager
      Phone: 502-852-8379

      • Oversees, awards, and manages communications for institutional based scholarships
      • Coordinates Trustees scholarship appeals
      • Coordinates the posting of payments that are applied directly to the Bursar accounts
      • Manages KRS awarding and communications
      • Provides general support to scholarship team
      • Supports Associate Director for Scholarships

      Rachel Foster
      Financial Aid Advisor Sr.
      Phone: 502-852-8341

      • Coordinates outside scholarship awarding, disbursement and refunds
      • Processes item type request and set up
      • Supports departmental and institutional scholarship awarding and disbursement
      • Processes Bursar payments to student’s accounts
      • Provides support to scholarship team

      Whitley Gray
      Financial Aid Advisor
      Phone: 502-852-5517

      • Manages scholarship related questions within the Financial Aid service account
      • Coordinates intake of KRS forms and awarding
      • Assists with processing outside and departmental scholarship checks and forms
      • Reviews university reports for reconciliation for Student Financial Aid Office and programs managed by the office
      • Maintains staff records including time keeping, personnel and hiring
      • Provides support to other members of scholarship team

      Federal Work-Study

      Charles T. Schnell
      Project Coordinator
      Phone: 502-852-8376

      • Coordinates Federal Work Study Program
      • Assists Assistant to the Director in monitoring budgets, handling requisitions for supplies
        and equipment, and processing payroll
      • Open and sort incoming mail
      • Coordinates outgoing mail
      • Assists Counseling Team as needed


      Manuel McMillan, Sr.
      Assistant Director for Compliance
      Phone: 502-852-8344

      • Supervises Federal Work Study Program and Community Service
      • Coordinates all federal aid for medical, dental and nursing programs
      • Establishes student budgets
      • Liaison with all student loan lenders and guarantee agencies
      • Monitors student loan defaults and aggregate loan limits
      • Oversees special programs (consortium agreements, study abroad, Virtual University, and National Student Exchange)

      Mary Pike
      Quality Assurance Officer, Associate Director
      Phone: 502-852-3997

      • Performs system setup of required tables and data elements for aid processing
      • Oversees academic year and summer aid processing
      • Interprets new regulations and policies to help ensure business process are in compliance
      • Performs system testing, resolves system problems, and implements new system functionality
      • Develops and assesses query needs for staff and assists in preparing statistical data
      • Reconciles direct loan records and provides support for year-end reconciliation of other aid programs

      Angela M. Black
      Associate Director for Scholarships
      Phone: 502-852-3870

      • Coordinates the awarding and disbursement of all scholarships including departmental, outside, athletic, admission based, and the Continuing Student Scholarship through the Student Financial Aid Office
      • Liaison with Development, Controller, and Planning and Budget in the development of new scholarships, establishing budgets, and monitoring expenditures for all scholarship accounts
      • Coordinates outreach activities for the office

      Tina L. Carter
      Assistant Director for Operations
      Phone: 502-852-7877

      • Serves as liaison with the Bursar and the Registrar's offices
      • Supervises Pell reporting and reconciliation
      • Process all refunds and repayments to aid programs
      • Reviews all residual checks
      • Supervises disbursement activities
      • Assists staff with queries and reporting
      • Oversees auditors

      Michael N Abboud
      Associate Director
      Phone: 502-852-8347

      • Monitors customer service provided at front counter, in Call Center, and among staff
      • Supervises and trains Counseling Team consisting of Advisor Seniors, Advisors, Counselor Assistants, and Graduate Peer Counselors
      • Liaison to Registrar, Admission, Bursar, and other university offices

      Denise Sullivan
      Associate Director for Operations
      Phone: 502-852-8343

      • Serve as financial aid lead for systems testing, upgrades, and implementation
      • Serve as liaison with Information Technology
      • Supervise staff responsible for system support, report development, federal data exchange, verification, FAFSA correction processing, loan data exchange, disbursement, Pell reporting, and document imaging
      • Provide support to Director

      Sandy J. Neel
      Phone: 502-852-5517

      • Overall administrative, financial, management, personnel, and budgetary responsibilities
      • Responsible for long range planning and administration of all federal, state, and institutional student aid programs



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