ULink Tutorial: To Do List

ULink Homepage

After you login, proceed to Student Services and locate the Financial Aid section. You may have to scroll down the screen to find it. Then select View My To Do List (see screen shot below).

ULink Financial Aid


To Do List Summary

Once you have accessed your To Do List, you can specify Financial Aid as the Department to view To Do List items from our office only.  Press Go after selecting which department you want to view.

To Do List Summary


If there is a form you need to print and complete, then it will be listed under Verification Form(s) or Form(s) on the far right (see screen shot below). Most of these forms are Adobe .pdf files. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

To Do List 2

To Do List Item Detail

Click on an individual To Do List Item for more detail about what information needs to be collected from our office.

To Do List 3

Item Detail Page

This page will give a description of what documentation is being requested by our office and whether or not a form needs to be turned in.

To Do List 4


If You Have A Verification Form

If you are required to complete verification, then you will see the screen below after clicking on the To Do List item.  From here you may print your verification form. You must print the verification form and attach copies of any requested documentation and submit to our office.






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