Part-time Aid Adjustment

***The priority deadline to submit the form for spring 2019 semester is December 10th.***

At UofL, most aid awards are projected for full-time enrollment.  If you are a financial aid recipient, have finalized your enrollment, and will be attending less than full-time during the semester, you may submit this form to our office.  By completing this form, you are requesting we review your financial aid account and proceed with making any necessary adjustments to your cost of attendance and award(s).  If you attend less-than full-time and you do not submit this form, your aid will not be reviewed for disbursement until after the last day to drop/add with 100% tuition credit for the term. If you are accepting a loan offer(s), you must be enrolled at least half-time in an eligible degree program or have approved non-degree status for the funds to disburse to your account. Half-time for undergraduates is 6 hours and half-time for graduate/professional students is 4.5 hours in fall and spring, and 3 hours in summer. Waitlisted classes and classes taken for audit do not count in your total enrolled hours for financial aid purposes.  Please do not complete this form if you are waitlisted for a class(es) or plan to make adjustments to your schedule, for this could delay the processing of your account.  Once your aid disburses, if you are not eligible to receive the aid that has disbursed due to changes in your eligibility, your enrollment, or based on grades received, you may owe funds back to the University, and you will be responsible for settling any outstanding bill.


For awarded federal aid recipients, your enrollment will be re-reviewed and your federal aid and cost of attendance will be evaluated for necessary potential adjustments following the last day to drop/add with 100% tuition credit for the term.   Even if you have only been awarded a federal loan(s), you must complete the Part-Time Aid Adjustment / Enrollment Update form.  Please keep in mind you must be enrolled at least half-time to receive federal loans.

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