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Guide for Scholarship Organizations

by Partin,Wesley Benjamin last modified Dec 17, 2013 04:00 PM

If you need our office to complete and return documents verifying eligibility criteria to issue the scholarship check, you must send us a release form signed by the student.

Mail scholarship checks for students at the University of Louisville to the following address:

Student Financial Aid Office
University of Louisville
Houchens Building Room 110 Attn. Rachel Foster 
Louisville, Kentucky 40292

Please send a letter with the check that includes eligibility requirements that must be verified prior to disbursement. Also, include a unique identifier for the student in addition to the student's name.

For questions on outside scholarship processing please contact any of the following:

Rachel Foster
(502) 852-8341

Katie Baker
(502) 852-6037

Angela Black
(502) 852-3870

Lindsay Driskell
(502) 852-8379

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Important Information

To advertise a U of L or outside scholarship on our website, please email us with the eligibility criteria, application deadline, contact information, and application instructions.

Are you with a U of L Department?

For information on notifying our office of departmental funding for students, or to view policies and procedures, access our Department Portal.

Are you with a scholarship organization?

For information on sending scholarship checks to our office, review our guide for scholarship organizations.

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