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(1) How & When

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How am I notified?

If you have filed a FAFSA and have been awarded federal and/or state aid, then our office will notify you of your awards by e-mail. Award notification will not occur until you have a complete financial aid file and have been admitted to UofL.

If you are a first-time freshmen, then you will receive a mailed award letter that includes award types and amounts. A brochure of important and helpful information accompanies this award letter. An additional notification is sent to your U of L e-mail account. First-time freshmen who have been awarded a U of L scholarship from the Office of Admissions will receive a separate scholarship award notification from that office.

All other students receive award notification by e-mail directing them to their ULink account.

Additional e-mails are sent whenever awards are revised.

When am I notified?

First-time freshmen scholarship recipients who have been awarded a scholarship by the Office of Admissions receive notification in March.

The first mailing of first-time freshmen award letters by our office typically occurs in late March or early April.

The first round of e-mail notifications for all other students usually begins in early June.

If you submit a degree application for graduation, then your financial aid may require proration based on your enrollment. This can occur after the initial awarding.


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