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The Office for Finance and Administration is led by the University of Louisville’s Interim Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), David Adams. He directs the interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and the interim Chief Operating Officer (COO) along with the Associate Vice Presidents for Human Resources and Audit regarding day-to-day operations as related to budget and finance, business services, human resources, information technology, audit and institutional compliance, public safety and other major campus operations.

By providing strong financial and operational leadership, the Office of Finance and Administration maintains all of the services necessary to provide efficient and effective business operations for a nationally recognized metropolitan research university and to meet the demands of our students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, the offices, units and departments that fall under the purview of this office work as part of the University’s mission and to power the goals and objectives of the University of the 21st Century plan.

Interim Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

David Adams

As CAO, David Adams oversees UofL’s administrative and financial functions through the interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and the interim Chief Operating Officer (COO) along with the Associate Vice Presidents for Human Resources and Audit/Compliance. David works with and reports to the University President.

Prior to this position, David served as the CEO of UofL’s Institute for Product Realization – a center for research and innovation in advanced manufacturing, logistics, renewable energy and analytics and computing. He brings significant business administrative experience from both the private and public sector.

Adams earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Industrial Engineering from the J.B. Speed School of Engineering. He came to UofL from The BVI Group, an Indianapolis-based consulting firm he founded in 2007 to serve the strategic and operational needs of businesses and private equity firms.

Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Susan Howarth

Again serving as the Interim CFO for UofL, Susan Howarth brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Office for Finance and Administration. In her previous appointment as the Vice Provost and Chief Budget Officer for the University, Susan was responsible for the preparation and oversight of the University’s General Fund, Foundation, Research, Plant, and Athletic budgets.

In the CFO role, Howarth has direct oversight of the University’s Lead Fiscal Officers, the Office of Budget and Planning and the Finance/Controller’s office. She is additionally responsible for the financial management that provides support for our strategic plan, including long-term financial planning, financial reporting and transparency.

Susan has a Bachelors in Finance from the University of Louisville and a Masters in Finance from Northern Illinois University.

Interim Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Lee Smith

Lee Smith serves as the Interim COO for the UofL in addition to his responsibilities as the Associate Vice President for Performance Improvement and Business Analytics (PIBA). As part of developing and implementing process improvements and operations methodologies, he directs the offices of Business Services, Facilities Management, Information Technology and Public Safety.

As AVP for PIBA, Lee established the new Business Operations unit and has responsibility for the finance and human resources ERP solutions, project management, business intelligence, digital communication and other quality improvement initiatives.

Smith has earned degrees from Furman University and Yale University and is currently finishing his EdD in higher education management at the University of Pennsylvania.

Audit & Compliance

We review and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of current systems of internal controls established by the university and its affiliated corporations. Our offices provide independent and objective compliance assurance in order to improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

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Public Safety

The University of Louisville Police Department (ULPD) maintains public peace and safety, safeguards the assets of the institution and its faculty, staff, students and visitors and assists in providing an environment conducive to teaching, research and public service mission of the University.

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Business Services

We provide administrative support for the University of Louisville’s business-related operational units: Parking and Transportation, Risk Management, Purchasing & Procurement, Print and Copy Management, Card Services, Postal Services, Campus Leasing and Contract Services which includes UofL’s bookstore, dining services, vending and credit union.

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Finance / Controller's Office

Our various offices provide responsive and effective management of the professional budgeting, payroll, financial management, and accounting services in support of the University’s mission and its broad array of academic and support programs.

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Information Technology

Information Technology secures and supports the computing infrastructure, networked data and communication environments and digital storage resources as well as maintaining enterprise-wide and adaptive information technology services for UofL and its extended community.

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Human Resources

We provide support for the University’s top asset – our employees. Our services allow campus administrators recruit, retain, recognize, and reward top quality faculty and staff. Look to us for information on employment and compensation, salary and benefits administration, employee relations and compliance, and our health and wellness programs.

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Performance Improvement
& Business Analytics

Our office focuses on using technology and data-driven methods to measure the University’s business processes in order to increase output, efficiency and effectiveness. We work to gain insight and drive strategic planning using a consistent set of metrics to improve performance and meet our customer service needs.

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Facilities Management

We provide services that best preserve the physical assets of the University of Louisville. We operate and support the units of Environmental Health and Safety, Physical Plant and Planning, Design and Construction so that our campuses are sustainable, attractive, functional and efficient.

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