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EPM Queries

by Fehler,Lori T. last modified Apr 13, 2009 12:50 PM

Navigation to PS Query = View > Navigator Display > Query.

Choose query and double click.

If you wish to run it to EXCEL, right click and click on Run to Excel.

Budget Queries

Cash Queries

General Queries

Grant Queries

Program Queries

Budget Queries

ULGL_BUDGETS_BY_PROG_FY All Budget Journals for a Fiscal Year

Cash Queries

ULGL_CASH_BY_ACCTG_PERIOD Cash Total by Acconting Period
Cash Balances by Project/Grant
ULGL_CASH_BY_DEPT_ACCTG_PERIOD Cash Transactions Department and Accounting Period
ULGL_CASH_BY_DEPT_YTD Cash Totals by Dept
ULGL_CASH_FUND_PERIOD Cash Totals by Fund and Period
 Cash Totals by Prog Acctg Period

General Queries                             Return to Top of Page

ULGL_ACCT_LISTING_BY_TYPE List of Valid GL Accounts by Type
Account Totals by Department and Account and Period
ULGL_DEPARTMENT_LISTING List of Valid GL Departments
ULGL_SPEEDTYPES Speedtypes by Department
ULGL_SPEEDTYPES_ALL All Speedtypes and Information
ULGL_STATUS_GRANT Grant Status Information
ULGL_STATUS_PROGRAM Program Status Information
ULGL_DEPT_LIST List Valid PS Departments
ULGL_TRANS_BY_JOURNAL_NUMBER Transactions by Journal Number(Listing)
ULGL_TRANS_BY_SOURCE_DATE Trans By Source and Posted Date
ULGL_TRANS_BY_SOURCE_PERIOD Trans by Source and Period
ULGL_TRANS_BY_DEPT_PERIOD Trans by Department and Period
ULGL_TRANS_BY_DEPT_YTD Trans by Department YTD

Grant Queries                                       Return to Top of Page

ULGL_GRANT_ACCT_TOTALS_PTD Project-to-date Acct Totals for a Specific Grant
Grant Account Totals YTD
ULGL_GRNT_ACCT_TOTALS_PTD_DEPT PTD Grant Totals for a Department
ULGL_GRNT_TRANS_BY_FY Fiscal Year Detail Transactions for a Specific Grant
ULGL_GRNT_TRANS_BY_PERIOD Grant Transactions by Period and Fiscal Year
ULGL_GRNT_TRANS_BY_PER_AND_SOURCE Grant Transactions by Per Source and FY
ULGL_GRNT_TRANS_PTD Grant Transactions Project to Date
Grant Parent/Child Compare
ULGL_VENDOR_PAY_BY_GRANT Vendor Payments by Grant(Listing)

Program Queries                                Return to Top of Page

ULGL_PROG_TRANS_BY_PERIOD Transactions by Period for a Specific Program
ULGL_PROG_TRANS_FY Program Transactions for a Fiscal Year
ULGL_PROG_TRANS_BY_SOURCE_PERIOD Program Transactions by Source and Period
ULGL_PROGRAM_TOTALS YTD Totals for Budgets, Expenses, Encumbrances and Pre-Encumbrances by Programs and Fiscal Year
ULGL_DEPT_PROGRAM_TOTALS YTD Program Totals for Budgets, Expenses,
Encumbrances by Department and Fiscal Year
ULGL_VENDOR_PAY_BY_PROGRAM Vendor Payments by Program
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Campus Locations

Budget & Financial Planning
Phone: 502-852-6166

Grawemeyer Hall
Room 20
Louisville, Ky. 40292

Bursar's Office
Phone: 502-852-6503

Houchens Building
Room 101
Louisville, Ky. 40292

Controller's Office
Phone: 502-852-7072

Service Complex
2nd Floor
Louisville, Ky. 40292

Payroll Office
Phone: (502) 852-2978

Personnel Services Building
1980 Arthur Street
Louisville, Ky. 40208-1707

Position Management
Phone: (502) 852-2978

Personnel Services Building
1980 Arthur Street
Louisville, Ky. 40208-1707

Vice President for Finance
Phone: 502-852-6166

Grawemeyer Hall
Room 20
Louisville, Ky. 40292

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