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A+ Grading

The A+ Grading initiative was raised by the Student Government Association.

Actions & Discussions

2010-09-21, SGA Senate Minutes Word document

Kurtis Frizzell: A+ initiative: Faculty Senate will write an official letter of no objection; advisors agreed to support the initiative as well; tomorrow is a meeting with University-wide committee with advisors to receive approval; meeting with Provost next week


2010-09-01, Faculty Senate Minutes pdf

Kurtis Frizzell: The A+ Initiative will be presented at meetings this month.


2010-07-07, Faculty Senate Minutes pdf

Kurtis Frizzell: Research on the +/- grading system has been completed and the SGA will make its formal presentation to the Faculty Senate in August or September.


2010-08-31, SGA E-Board Meeting Minutes Word document

Graduate schools used to look down on GPAs higher than 4.0 and so they will deflate them; some faculty have argued that there is no such thing as a perfect grade therefore A+ not necessary

Some students get the disadvantage of an A- but not the benefit of A+. Some teachers apply A+ to 98-100 but this system will benefit those who go above and beyond.

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