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Redbook and Bylaws Committee


Elected (Voting)
Name Unit Phone Term Ends
Forest Arnold Medicine 852-1148 2012-2015/S
Mary Makris A&S 852-0491 2013-2016/NS
Kurt Metzmeier Law 852-6082 2012-2015/S
Daya Sandhu CEHD 852-6646 2013-2014/S
Krista Wallace-Boaz, Chair/XC Liaison Music 852-5638 2012-2015/S
Appointed(voting; replaced/reappointed in the fall)
Name Office Phone  
Enid Trucios-Haynes Law 852-7694 2013/S
Dave Willis Dentistry 852-1227 2013/S
Updated: 9/13


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