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Planning and Budget Committee


  1. Responsibilities and Functions
    1. To carry on strategic and long-range planning and budget processes and to make recommendations on priorities to the Faculty Senate.
    2. To make recommendations to the Faculty Senate on budget issues, which shall include, but not be limited to, faculty salaries and benefits, retirement plans, and budget matters pertaining to academic programs and priorities.
    3. To determine and report faculty priorities regarding academic issues and economic welfare through review of existing survey data or through new surveys as requested by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate.
    4. To receive reports on behalf of the Senate from University and external sources on budgetary and planning matters and to make recommendations to the Faculty Senate.
  2. Membership
    1. There shall be seven voting members: four elected by the Faculty Senate and three appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Senate in consultation with the Executive Committee. Persons elected or appointed to this committee should have a broad expertise in academic matters, an interest in financial affairs, and the ability to analyze budgetary documents. At least four voting members must be Faculty Senators. No more than two voting members from a single unit shall serve on the committee at one time.
    2. Non-voting (ex officio) members shall include: the Chair and Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate; the University Executive Vice President and Provost (or designee); a representative from Staff Senate and the Student Government Association; and the Vice President for Finance (or designee).
  3. Term of Office
    1. All elected and appointed members shall serve staggered three-year terms.
    2. The Chair of the Planning and Budget Committee (or designee) shall be one of the Senate’s representatives on the Human Resources Advisory Committee.
    3. The Chair and another member of the Planning and Budget Committee (who is a Faculty Senator) shall serve as liaisons to the Executive Committee. The Chair and the liaisons will be elected at the start of each academic year.


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