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Committee on Libraries


  1. Responsibilities and Functions
    1. To study pertinent issues that concern the University Libraries and to advise the Faculty Senate on these issues.
    2. To recommend appropriate action by the Faculty Senate on issues affecting the mission and function of the University Libraries.
    3. To serve as the Faculty Senate liaison between the university faculty and the University Libraries.
  2. Membership
    1. There shall be nine voting members (seven faculty, two students). Of the seven faculty members, at least four must be senators. Of these seven faculty elected by the Faculty Senate, no more than two may represent the College of Arts and sciences or the School of Medicine and no more than one may represent any of the other units. Two student representatives shall be selected by the Student Government Association, one undergraduate student and the other a graduate or professional school student.
    2. The Dean of the Libraries or the Dean's designee, will serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member on the Committee. The role of this member will be to provide information and perspective to the Committee concerning Library affairs.
    3. The Chair of the committee shall be elected to a one-year term from its membership and shall be a faculty senator. The Duties if the Chair shall be:
      1. To convene the committee in accord with the Bylaws.
      2. To set the agenda, in consultation with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the University Librarian.
      3. To preside over Committee meetings.
      4. To invite other members of the University community to Committee meetings for presentations or discussions.
      5. To make reports to the Faculty Senate.
    4. One of the faculty senators on the Committee will be selected by the Committee to serve as Liaison to and member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.
  3. Term of Office
    1. The seven faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate shall serve staggered three-year terms, so long as four of the seven are faculty senators.
    2. The two student representatives shall serve one-year terms, renewable at the discretion of the Student Government Association.


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