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Committee on Committees & Credentials


  1. Responsibilities and Functions
    1. To reapportion the Faculty Senate according to the approved Faculty Senate guidelines.
    2. To define vacancies on the Faculty Senate and/or Faculty Senate Committees as temporary or permanent.
    3. To recommend to the Faculty Senate the establishment of methods to fill vacancies.
    4. To have jurisdiction in the case of disputed elections and to recommend to the Faculty Senate the resolution of the disputes.
    5. To review Faculty Senate representation challenges and to recommend to the Faculty Senate resolution of the challenges.
    6. To be responsible for the creation of all slates for Faculty Senate elections.
    7. To conduct elections of officers of the Faculty Senate and Faculty Senate committees.
    8. To create slates for elections held by the Faculty Assembly, with the advice of the Faculty Senate.
    9. To review the Faculty Senate standing committee structure each fifth year, beginning in 1990.
  2. Membership
    There shall be five members elected from the membership of the Faculty Senate, one of whom must be a part-time faculty senator. Only faculty senators are eligible for election to this committee. Not more than one representative may be elected from any unit.
  3. Term of Office
    1. Members shall serve staggered two-year terms.
    2. A member whose Faculty Senate term expires before the term on the committee expires may fulfill the term on the committee.


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