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Academic Programs Committee


  1. Responsibilities and Functions
    1. To develop and to recommend to the Faculty Senate criteria for the evaluation of proposals for academic programs based upon approved Faculty Senate guidelines.
    2. To receive academic programs proposed by academic units, and to review these in relation to existing programs, support services, and the stated University mission. Financial aspects of the proposed program will be reviewed with the assistance of the Chair of the Budget, Finance and Economic Welfare Committee (Planning and Budget).
    3. To review any academic program being proposed for elimination, or those for major alterations in structure.
    4. To report to and recommend to the Faculty Senate action to be taken on all proposed programs and program elimination.
    5. To monitor any academic programs as directed by the Faculty Senate.
  2. Membership
    1. There shall be nine voting members, at least five of whom must be Faculty Senators. The nine elected members shall include at least one member from each of the following units: Arts and Sciences, Speed School, Education, Business, and Medicine. No more than two members shall represent any unit.
    2. The Executive Vice President and Provost, or designee, shall serve as an ex officio non-voting member.
    3. The Student and Staff Senates shall each have one ex officio non-voting member.
  3. Term of Office
    All elected members shall serve staggered three-year terms.


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