Discipline and Grievances

The University of Louisville offers a variety of resources to assist faculty to address conflicts and raise issues.   The services of the Ombuds Office are available to assist in informal, confidential facilitated discussions to resolve disputes, as well as referral to formal mediation with an independent third party.  The Ombuds Office also refers to the University’s formal mediation resources and the initial stages of some grievances.  The University also provides mechanisms to address matters relating to discriminatory and sexual harassment through the Human Resources Department.  Mediation services also are available through the University’s Employee Assistance Program.

The Redbook, Chapter 4, governs matters relating to discipline and grievance.  The Redbook identifies the two types of formal grievance matters recognized by the University. The description and procedures for these two distinct types of grievances can be found at Chapter 4, Article 4.4.  The Faculty Grievance Officer is available to advise faculty on the procedural options available to them when issues cannot be resolved through informal means.

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