Curriculum Vitae

Susan M. Griffin

315 B Bingham Humanities Bldg.

O: 502-852-0507; FAX: 502-852-4182; e-mail:



Distinguished University Scholar, 2008-

Justus Bier Professor of Humanities, 2004-present

Professor of English, 1992-present

Associate Professor of English, 1987-92 (early tenure)

Assistant Professor of English, 1982-87



1976-82:  Ph.D. (with honors), M.A., Department of English, University of Chicago

1971-75:  B.A., magna cum laude, Honors English, Georgetown University



19th-Century American Literature & Culture; Victorian Literature & Culture

Novel; Women's Studies



Fulbright Senior Scholar, Ghent, Belgium, 2010

Arts & Sciences, Outstanding Department Leadership Award, 2009-2010

Graduate Affiliate, University of Kentucky, 2006-2009

Project Completion Grant, University of Louisville, 2000

President's Award, Research on Women, University of Louisville, 1996

Faculty Development Award, University of Louisville, 1996

A & S Research Grants, University of Louisville, 1989-95, 84-87, 82

Distinguished Research Award in Arts & Humanities, University of Louisville, 1991-92

President's Award for Outstanding Scholarship & Research, University of Louisville, 1991

President's Research Initiative Grants, University of Louisville, 1992, 91, 90, 89

Course Development Grant, Project on Race & Gender, University of Louisville, 1991

Summer Faculty Fellowships, University of Louisville, 1987, 85, 83

University Fellowship, 1978-79; Humanities Fellowship, 1976-78, University of Chicago

Phi Beta Kappa



Work in Press

Henry James & Alfred Hitchcock: The Men Who Knew Too Much, co-edited with Alan Nadel. Oxford UP, 2012

All A Novelist Needs: Colm Toibin on Henry James, ed.&  Introd.  Susan M. Griffin, Johns  Hopkins UP, 2010

Anti-Catholicism and the Nineteenth-Century Fiction. Cambridge UP, 2004.

Henry James Goes to the Movies, ed. Lexington: UP of Kentucky, 2002.

The Historical Eye: The Texture of the Visual in Late James. Boston:  Northeastern UP, 1991.

The Art of Criticism, co-ed., William Veeder. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 1986 (introduction, critical commentary, notes, textual variants, bibliography).

The Painter's Eye by Henry James. Madison: U of Wisconsin P, 1989. (Preface, rev. append)


 "National Bodies,” chapter in Henry James & Alfred Hitchcock

 “Reading American Women,” Cambridge History of American Women’s Literature, ed. Dale Bauer. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2012

"The Threshing Floor,” special combined issue Early American Literature and American

          Literary History, 22.2 (Summer 2010): 454-58.

”Understudies: Miming the Human,” PMLA 124.2 (March 2009): 511-19.

 “James & Film,” Blackwell Companion to Henry James, ed. Greg Zacharias. Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell, 2008. 472-89

“Yellow Mask, Black Robe, and Woman in White: Wilkie Collins, Anti-Catholic Discourse, and the Sensation Novel,” Narrative 12 (2004): 55-73.

"Revising the Popish Plot: Frances Trollope's The Abbess and Father Eustace," Victorian Literature & Culture 31 (2003): 279-93.

"Defenders of the Faith: Women Writers & Anti-Catholicism," Cambridge Companion to 19th-Century American Women Writers, ed. Dale Bauer & Phillip Gould. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2001. 157-75.

"The Black Robe of Romance: Hawthorne's Shadow & Howell's Italian Priest." Roman Holidays, Ed. Robert K. Martin & Leland S. Person. Iowa City: U of Iowa P, 2002. 191-205.

"Scar Texts: Tracing the Marks of Jamesian Masculinity," Arizona Q 53.4 (Winter 97): 61-82.

"'The Dark Stranger': Sensationalism and Anti-Catholicism in Sarah Josepha Hale's Traits of American Life," Legacy 14 (Spring 1997): 13-24.

"Awful Disclosures: Female Evidence in the Escaped Nun's Tale," PMLA 111 (1996): 94-107; rpt. in Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism, ed. Denise Evans. Gale, 1998.

"The 'Common Threads' of Gynocriticism," ALH 5 (1993): 370-77.

"The Discourse Within: Feminism & Intradisciplinary Study,” Critical Exchange 25 (1988): 81-90; rev. for Arizona Quarterly, 44.4 (Winter 1989): 1-13.

"Henry James," American Literary Scholarship, 1987, ed. James Woodress. Duke UP, 1989. 95-109.

"The Jamesian Body:  Two Oral Tales," Victorians Institute Journal 17 (1989):  125-39.

"Screening the Father," New Feminist Readings of the Father, ed. Patricia Yaeger & Beth Kowaleski-Wallace (Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 1989), 39-57.

"James's Revisions of 'The Novel in The Ring and the Book,'" Mod. Philology 85 (1987): 57-64.

"Seeing Doubles: Reflections of the Self in James's The Sense of the Past," MLQ 45 (March 1984): 48-60.

"The Selfish Eye: Strether's Principles of Psychology," American Literature 56 (1984): 396-409; rpt. On Henry James: The Best from American Literature, ed. Edwin Cady & Louis Budd. Duke UP, 1990.

Henry James, The Europeans and Confidence, ed. Gert Buelens & Susan M. Griffin, Cambridge

           Edition of the Fiction of Henry James (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, forthcoming 2012)

Henry James, Washington Square ed. Gert Buelens & Susan M. Griffin, Cambridge Edition of

           the Fiction of Henry James (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, forthcoming 2012)

Metamorphoses, Materiality, and Genre, book project



 “’Boston’ in The Europeans,” invited talk, Placing Henry James, London, 2012

“New Approaches in American Women’s Writing: Harriet Spofford,” C19, Berkeley, 2012

Invited workshops on Publishing, U of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium, 2010; U of Kentucky, 2011

Editing The Europeans,” invited talk, European Society of James Studies, Paris, 2010

 “James & Hitchcock,” invited lecture, University Ca’Foscari, Venice, 2010

“Threshing Floors,” invited, EAL/ALH symposium, U of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, 2009

Washington Square: Two Films,” invited talk, Cantor Film Center, NYU, 2009

 “National Bodies” (rev.) Jamesian Strands Conference, July 2008

 “Placement & Hiring,” invited participant, SAMLA panel 2008

Invited Participant, Panel on Animality/Animal Studies, MLA 2008

“National Bodies: James & Hitchcock,” invited talk, Dartmouth 2008

“Critical Genealogy,” invited talk, Temple U, 2007

“Concretions & Growth: H. P. Spofford’s Amber Gods,” Narrative 2007

Understudies: MW Freeman’s Performing Animals,” MLA 2006

“What Editors Want,” invited talk, U of Kentucky, 2006

 “Jamesian Noir, Narrative Conference 2006

“Canny James,” MLA, Fall 2005

“Pictures of the Master,” invited talk, Case Western Reserve, 2005

“The Master Builders,” MLA 2004

“Metamorphoses,” Justus Bier Inaugural Lecture 2004

“The Other Side of Teaching,” invited talk, James & New Formalisms, Montreal, 2004

“Writing Nature, Performing Genre: Charles W. Chesnutt’s Animal Tales,” Narrative 2004

“James & Whistler, American Cosmopolitans,” invited talk, Speed Museum 2003

“Making Books, Materializing Genre: Mary Wilkins Freeman,” Narrative 2003

“Graphic James, MLA 2003

“Wilkie Collins and Formula Fiction,” MCBS 2002

“Reading Daily: Teaching Middlemarch,” Narrative Conference 2002

“Lessons of the Master,” MLA 2001

“Mariolatry, Imperial Motherhood, & Manhood,” Victorians Institute 2001

“Which James?” invited talk, University of Kentucky, 2001

“The Foreign Father & the Sons of the Sires,” invited talk, University of Maryland, 2001

“The Fourth Term: Noncanonical James,” ALA 2000

“Victoriana in the Composition Classroom,” CCCC 2000

“Representing Women in the Public Sphere,” MCBS 2000

"James's Mysteries of Paris,” James-Conrad-Ford Conference, U of Kent & ALA 1999

“Teaching Freshman Writing using 19th-Periodicals,” NVSA, Yale U, 1999

"The Black Robe of Romance,"19th-C Americans in Rome 1998

“Sensational Science, Fleshly Religion, & Narrative Controversy,” Narrative 1998

“Fathers, Daughters, & Catholicism,” 18th-& 19th-C Women Writers Conference 1998

“Teaching Jameses,” invited talk, Creighton Literature Conference 1998

"Scar Texts," invited talk, Arizona Quarterly Symposium 1997

"Vivisectionists of the Heart," 18th- & 19th-C Women Writers Conference 1997

"The Scars of Masculinity," Henry James Seminar, MMLA 1996

"Literary Mothers  & Church Fathers," 18th- & 19th-Century Women Writers Conference 1995

"Iron Henry: James Goes to War," Henry James Seminar, MMLA 1994

"'The Thugs of Christendom: Anti-Catholicism and Empire," Critical Theory Forum 1992

"The Dead Father & the Rule of Religion,” Critical Theory Forum 1991

"Bless Me Father,” Fla. State Conf. on Film & Lit. 1989

President's Forum: Discussing Plagiarism, MMLA 1988

“Venetian Positions in The Aspern Papers, MMLA 1988

"The Discourse Within: Feminism & Intradisciplinary Study," MMLA 1987

"To Be, Not Do: The Identity of Obedience in Early James," MLA 1986

"Picturing America: Painterly Models in James's The American Scene," NEMLA 1985

"Stand and Be Recognized: Battling for the Self in James's The Sense of the Past," MLA 1983

"Some Recent Trends in James Criticism," MMLA 1983

"Strether's Principles of Psychology," MMLA 1982




Henry James Review (JHUP): Editor, 1995-present

·     Review all submissions (approx.100 yearly); assign external reviewers; serve as 3rd reader; make publication decisions

·     Solicit essays from major scholars in a variety of disciplines

·     Direct yearly Leon Edel Prize Contest, serve as 3rd judge (approx. 20 submissions per yr); work with jr.scholars to develop publishable essays

·     Substantive editing of all essays, working directly with authors

·     Train & supervise, HJR Fellows

·     Create topic, organize, edit, & write introduction for yearly special issue

·     Liaison between JHUP & Henry James Society

Advisory Board, Cambridge UP Edition Henry James, 2008-

Organizing Committees, James Society

Conferences, Venice 2005; Newport 2008; Rome 2011

Henry James Society: president, 1994; V.P., 1993, Executive Board, 1995-present

University Press of Kentucky: Editorial Board, 1998-2003

Arizona Quarterly: Advisory Board, 1988-present

MMLA: Executive Comm., 1988-91; Resolutions, 1989; Program , 1991

 Journal of the MMLA: Ed Board, 1988-91

Twentieth Century Literature Conference Committee: 1982-88, 93-99

Henry James Seminar, MMLA: Chair, 1986; Member, Selection Committee, 1983-87

Am. Lit. II Section, MMLA: Advisory Comm., 1986-89; Chair, 1985; Sec, 1984

Referee: American Literary History, Hypatia, Victorian Periodicals Review,

The Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism, Style, Nineteenth-Century Contexts, PMLA, Mosaic, Journal of Women’s History; range of university presses

External Reviewer (promotion, tenure): Brown, Loyola, Wichita State, U. of Oklahoma, U of Virginia, SUNY Stony Brook, NYU, Penn State, U of Penn, UT, Arlington, Queen’s College

Member: CELJ, James Society, MLA, Narrative Society, NAVSA, SHARP


University of Louisville (selected)

Exec. Vice-Pres. Research Search, 2010-11; CCenter Humanities in Society: Advisory Board, 1999-present; Arts Partnership: 2008-present; Hillel: Faculty Board Member, 1996-99;U Comm on Academic Publications: 1990-95; chair, 1998-2003

Graduate Council: 1993-96, 2001-present (including various subcommittees)

Awards Committees: Graduate School Awards, 1993-94, 2001-; Maddox Prize, 2000-; Pres. Research Award, 1992-93; Young Investigator's Award, 1992-94

Library Serial Reallocation Project, 1992-93

A & S Research Committee, 1990-93, 2000-2003, 2007-present (Chair, 07-08)

Project on Race and Gender, 1990-91

Women's Studies Committee, 1982- present (including various subcommittees)

Bingham Professor Search, 1989-90, 2003-


English Department (selected)

Chair, Department of English, 2003-present

Co-Chair, Freibert Colloquium on American Letters, 2000-2003, 2007-present

Director, Honors, 1984-85, 93-2003

Search Committees: Rhetoric & Composition, 1998-99; New positions, 1997-98;Romantic, 1993-94; Afro-Am. Lit.(chair), 1992-93; Postcol.,1991-92;

Morton Chair, 1989-91; Am. Lit., 1986-87

Personnel Committee, 1990-93, 2000-2003; chair, 1992-93, 2001-2002

Graduate Committee, 1987-90, 93-2003

GTA Mentor, 1983-2003; MA advisor, 91-2003; UG Advisor, 1983-2003, 2005-2007

Undergraduate Committee, 1983-87

Library Liaison Committee, 1982-983




100-200 level

Intro, Interm & Honors Composition  


 300-400 level

Nineteenth-Century American Novel American Shorter Fiction, 1880-1920

Henry James

Sensational Fictions

American Lit. Survey I & II

Writing About Literature

Transatlantic Fiction

Histories of the Self

American Short Fiction

Contemporary Women Novelists


500-600 level

Hawthorne, Eliot, James

Scenes of Reading

Victorian Ghost Fiction

19th-Century Things

Fantastic Metamorphoses

Theories of Genre

Contemporary Theories of Interpretation Passing in 19th-Century Fiction

American Fiction before 1900

Henry James

American Literature, 1865-1910

Landscape in American Literature

Sensational Fictions

Am Women:19th-C Hist. & Lit.

American Novel, 1880-1910

Race/Gender/History in Am. Lit.

Transatlantic Fictions

Victorian Novel


Victorian Culture