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Courses taught

Undergraduate Ethics Courses

Contemporary Ethical Problems

Introduction to Ethics

Medical Ethics

Business Ethics

Ethical Inquiry

Virtues and Vices

Other Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy through Cultural Diversity

Introduction to Logic       

Feminism and Philosophy

Philosophy and Sexuality                    

Sexuality and Self-Image               

Social and Political Philosophy      

Philosophy of Law       

The Nature of Violence

Philosophy and Mental Illness

Graduate courses

Philosophies of Peace                 

Virtue Ethics                     

Ethical Theory                 

Political Philosophy                           


War and Peace on Stage and Screen (philosophy and theater course)


Philosophies of Community   

Ethics, Social Work & Society (social work Ph.D. course)

Medicine and Minorities

Race, Gender, Culture, and Health Care

Race, Gender, and Mental Illness         

Previously taught courses and/or Independent Study courses

Philosophy of Caring

Trust & Trustworthiness

Exploring Mother-Daughter Relationships














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