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Dr. Dugatkin’s Research Has Been Covered By:

The New York Times Science Section
The New York Times Book Review
Wall Street Journal
The Washington Post
The London Times
The Chicago Sun Times
Discover Magazine
AP Newswire
UPI Newswire
Reuters News
The Lexington Herald Leader
The Manchester Guardian
The St. Louis Dispatch
Focus Magazine (Germany)
Liberation (National  French Newspaper)
The Toronto Globe and Mail
Science News Digest
The  Detroit Free Press
The Atlanta Constitution
The Louisville Courier Journal  (April 1996 and September 1996)
Sarasota Herald Tribune
Science News
Men's Fitness
Scientific American
The New Scientist
The Scientist
Current Biology
Inside U of L (University of Louisville publication)
Et Ultra Research Magazine (University of Louisville publications)
And many other newspapers and magazines across the world.

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