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Gainous, Jason, and Kevin M. Wagner. 2011. Rebooting American Politics: The Internet Revolution, Rowman and Littlefield.


Articles and Book Chapters:

Gainous, Jason, Adam David Marlowe, and Kevin M. Wagner. 2013. “Traditional Cleavages or a New World: Does Online Social Networking Bridge the Political Participation Divide?” International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 26 (2): 145-158. (pdf)

Martinez, Michael D., Jason Gainous, and Stephen C. Craig. 2012. “Measuring Ambivalence about Government in the 2006 ANES Pilot Study.” In Improving Public Opinion Surveys:  Interdisciplinary Innovation and the American National Election Studies, edited by Kathleen M. McGraw and John H. Aldrich, Princeton University Press, 238-259. (pdf)

Gainous, Jason. 2012. The New “New Racism” Thesis: Limited Government Values and Race-Conscious Policy Attitudes.” Journal of Black Studies 43 (3): 251-273 (pdf).

Gainous, Jason, and Allison M. Martens. 2012. “The Effectiveness of Civic Education: Are “Good” Teachers Actually Good for Students?” American Politics Research 40 (2): 232 - 266 (pdf).

Gainous, Jason, Michael D. Martinez, and Stephen C. Craig. 2010. “The Multiple Causes of Citizen Ambivalence: Attitudes about Social Welfare Policy.” Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, & Parties 20 (3): 335-356.(pdf)

Wagner, Kevin M., and Jason Gainous. 2009. “Electronic Grassroots: Does Online Campaigning Work?” Journal of Legislative Studies 15 (4): 502-520 (pdf).

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Gainous, Jason. 2008. “Ambivalence about Social Welfare: An Evaluation of Measurement Approaches.” American Review of Politics 29: 109-134 (pdf).

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Gainous, Jason, and Kevin M. Wagner. 2007. “The Electronic Ballot Box: Class, Age and Racial Bias on the Internet.” American Review of Politics 28: 19-35 (pdf).

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Martinez, Michael D., Stephen C. Craig, James G. Kane, and Jason Gainous. 2005. “Ambivalence and Value Conflict: A Test of Two Issues.” Ambivalence, Politics, and Public Policy, edited by Stephen C. Craig and Michael D. Martinez, Palgrave, 63-82 (pdf).

Craig, Stephen C., Jim G. Kane, Michael D. Martinez, and Jason Gainous. 2005. “Core Values, Value Conflict, and Citizens’ Ambivalence about Gay Rights.” Political Research Quarterly 58 (1): 5-17 (pdf).

Gainous, Jason, and Bill Radunovich. 2005. “Religion and Core Values: A Reformulation of the Funnel of Causality.” Politics & Policy 33 (1): 154-180 (pdf).

Gill, Jeff, and Jason Gainous. 2002. “Why Does Voting Get So Complicated? A Review of Theories for Analyzing Democratic Participation.” Statistical Science 17 (4): 1-22 (pdf).

Journal Appendices:

 Appendix for Martens, Allison M., and Jason Gainous. 2012. "Civic Education and Democratic Capacity: How do Teachers Teach and What Works?" Social Science Quarterly.

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