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Highly cited papers

A list of highly cited papers with external links to PubMed website.

Cited in over 200 papers

Arteel, GE; Briviba, K; Sies, H. 1999. Protection against peroxynitrite. FEBS LETTERS 445:226-230.


Cited in over 150 papers

Arteel, GE. 2003. Oxidants and antioxidants in alcohol-induced liver injury. GASTROENTEROLOGY 124:778-790.

Uesugi, T; Froh, M; Arteel, GE; Bradford, BU; Thurman, RG. 2001. Toll-like receptor 4 is involved in the mechanism of early alcohol-induced liver injury in mice. HEPATOLOGY 34:101-108.

Raleigh, JA; Chou,SC; Arteel, GE; Horsman, MR. 1999. Comparisons among pimonidazole binding, oxygen electrode measurements, and radiation response in C3H mouse tumors. RADIATION RESEARCH 151:580-589.

Arteel, GE; Thurman, RG; Yates, JM; Raleigh, JA. 1995. Evidence that hypoxia markers detect oxygen gradients in liver-pimonidazole and retrograde perfusion of rat liver.  BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER 72:889-895.


Cited in over 100 papers

Arteel, GE; Sies, H. 2001.  The biochemistry of selenium and the glutathione system. ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY 10:153-158.

Wheeler, MD; Kono, H; Yin, M; Nakagami, M; Uesugi, T; Arteel GE; Gabele E; Rusyn I; Yamashina S; Froh M; Adachi Y; Iimuro Y; Bradford BU; Smutney OM; Connor HD; Mason RP; Goyert SM; Peters JM; Gonzalez FJ; Samulski RJ; Thurman RG. 2001. The role of Kupffer cell oxidant production in early ethanol-induced liver disease. FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 31:1544-1549.

Arteel, GE; Sies, H. 1999.Protection against peroxynitrite by cocoa polyphenololigomers.FEBS LETTERS 462:167-170.

Zhong, Z; Arteel, GE; Connor, HD; Yin, M; Frankenberg, MV; Stachlewitz,RF; Raleigh, JA; Mason, RP; Thurman, RG. 1998.CyclosporinA increases hypoxia and free radical production in rat kidneys: preventionby dietary glycine. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-RENAL PHYSIOLOGY44:F595-F604.


Cited in over 75 papers

McKim, SE; Gabele, E; Isayama, F; Lambert, JC; Tucker, LM; Wheeler, MD; Connor, HD; Mason, RP; Doll, MA; Hein, DW; Arteel, GE. 2003. Inducible nitric oxide synthase is required in alcohol-induced liver injury: studies with knockout mice. GASTROENTEROLOGY 125:1834-1844.

Uesugi, T; Froh, M; Arteel, GE; Bradford, BU; Wheeler, MD; Gabele, E; Isayama, F; Thurman RG. 2002.  Role of lipopolysaccharide-binding protein in early alcohol-induced liver injury in mice.  JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 168:2963-2969.

Sies, H; Arteel, GE. 2000. Interaction of peroxynitrite with selenoproteins and glutathione peroxidase mimics. FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 28:1451-1455.

Arteel, GE; Mostert, V; Oubrahim, H; Briviba, K; Abel, J; Sies, H. 1998. Protection by selenoprotein P in human plasma against peroxynitrite-mediated oxidation and nitration. BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 379:1201-1205.

Arteel, GE; Thurman, RG; Raleigh, JA.  1998. Reductive metabolism of the hypoxia marker pimonidazole is regulated by oxygen tension independent of the pyridine nucleotide redox state. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY 253:743-750. 

Arteel, GE; Iimuro, Y; Yin, M; Raleigh, JA; Thurman, RG. 1997. Chronic enteral ethanol treatment causes hypoxia in rat liver tissue in vivo. HEPATOLOGY 25:920-926. 


Cited in over 50 papers

Bergheim, I; Guo, L; Davis, MA; Lambert, JC; Beier, JI; Duveau, I; Luyendyk, JP; Roth, RA; Arteel, GE. (2006) Metformin prevents alcohol-induced liver in the mouse: critical role of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 GASTROENTEROLOGY 7:2099-2112.

Savvides, SN; Scheiwein, M; Bohme, CC; Arteel, GE; Karplus, PA; Becker, K; Schirmer, RH. 2002. Crystal structure of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione reductase inactivated by peroxynitrite. JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 277:2779-2784.

Kono, H; Arteel, GE; Rusyn, I; Sies, H; Thurman, RG. 2001. Ebselen prevents early alcohol-induced liver injury in rats. FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 30:403-411.

Uesugi, T; Froh, M; Arteel, GE; Bradford, BU; Gabele, E.; Wheeler, MD; Thurman, RG. 2001.  Delivery of I kappa B superrepressor gene with adenovirus reduces early alcohol-induced liver injury in rats.  HEPATOLOGY 34:1149-1157.

Iimuro, Y; Frankenberg, MV; Arteel, GE; Bradford, BU; Wall, CA; Thurman, RG. 1997. Female rats exhibit greater susceptibility to early alcohol-induced liver injury than males. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-GASTROINTESTINAL AND LIVER PHYSIOLOGY 35:G1186-G1194.

Arteel, GE; Raleigh, JA; Bradford, BU; Thurman, RG. 1996. Acute alcohol produces hypoxia directly in rat liver tissue in vivo: Role of Kupffer cells. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-GASTROINTESTINAL AND LIVER PHYSIOLOGY 34:G494-G500.

Lindroth, RL; Arteel, GE; Kinney, KK. 1995. Responses of 3 Saturniid species to paper birch grown under enriched CO2 atmospheres. FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY 9:306-311.


Cited in over 25 papers

Bergheim, I; Guo, LP; Davis, MA; Duveau, I; Arteel, GE. (2006) Critical role of plaminogen activator inhibitor-1 in cholestatic liver injury and fibrosis. JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS 316:592-600.

Song, Y; Wang, JX; Li, Y; Du, YB; Arteel, GE; Saari, JT; Kang, YJ; Cai, L, (2005) Cardiac metallothionein synthesis in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice, and its protection against diabetes-induced cardiac injury. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY 167:17-26.

Lehnert, M; Arteel, GE; Smutnet, OM; Conzelmann, LO; Zhong, Z; Thurman, RG; Lemasters, JJ. (2003) Dependence of liver injury after hemorrhage/resuscitation in mice on NADPH oxidase-derived superoxide. SHOCK 19:345-351

Arteel, G; Marsano, L; Mendez, C; Bentley, F; McClain, CJ. (2003) Advances in alcoholic liver disease. BEST PRACTICE IN RESEARCH AND CLINICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY 17:625-647.

Arteel, GE; Uesugi, T; Bevan, LN; Gabele, E; Wheeler, MD; McKim, SE; Thurman, RG. (2002) Green tea extract protects against early alcohol-induced liver injury rats. BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 383:663-670.

McKim, SE; Konno, A; Gabele, E; Uesugi, T; Froh, M; Sies, H; Thurman, RG; Arteel, GE. (2002) Cocoa extract protects against early alcohol-induced liver injury in the rat. ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 406:40-46.

Kono, H; Nakagami, M; Rusyn, I; Connor, HD; Stefanovic, B; Brenner, DA; Mason, RP; Arteel, GE; Thurman, RG. 2001. Development of an animal model of chronic alcohol-induced pancreatitis in the rat. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-GASTROINTESTINAL AND LIVER PHYSIOLOGY 280:G1178-G1186

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Arteel, GE; Franken, S; Kappler, J; Sies, H. 2000. Binding of selenoprotein P to heparin: characterization with surface plasmon resonance. BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 381:265-268

Jacob, C; Arteel, GE; Kanda, T; Engman, L; Sies, H. 2000.  Water-soluble organotellurium compounds: catalytic protection against peroxynitrite and release of zinc from metallothionein. CHEMICAL RESEARCH IN TOXICOLOGY 13:3-9.

Arteel, GE; Briviba, K; Sies, H. 1999.  Function of thioredoxin reductase as a peroxynitrite reductase using selenocystine or ebselen. CHEMICAL RESEARCH IN TOXICOLOGY 12:264-269. 

Arteel GE, Kadiiska MB, Rusyn I, Bradford BU, Mason RP, Raleigh JA, and Thurman RG (1999): Oxidative stress occurs in perfused rat liver at low oxygen tension by mechanisms involving peroxynitrite. MOLECULAR PHARMACOLOGY 55:708-715.

Schemmer, P; Connor, HD; Arteel, GE; Raleigh, JA; Bunzendahl, H; Mason, RP; Thurman, RG (1999) Reperfusion injury in livers due to gentle in situ organ manipulation during harvest involves hypoxia and free radicals. JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS 290:234-240.

Thurman, RG; Bradford, BU; Iimuro, Y; Knecht, KT; Arteel, GE; Yin, M; Connor, HD; Wall, C; Raleigh, JA; Frankenberg, MV; Adachi, Y; Forman, DT; Brenner, D; Kadiska, M; Mason, RP. 1998. The role of gut-derived bacterial toxins and free radicals in alcohol-induced liver injury.  JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY 13:S39-S50.

Yin, M; Ikejima, K; Arteel, GE; Seabra, V; Bradford, BU; Kono, H; Rusyn, I; Thurman, RG. 1998. Glycine accelerates recovery from alcohol-induced liver injury. JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS 286:1014-1019. 

Rose, ML; Germolec, D; Arteel, GE; Schoonhoven, R; Thurman, RG. 1997. Dietary glycine prevents increases in hepatocyte proliferation caused by the peroxisome proliferator WY-14,643. CHEMICAL RESEARCH IN TOXICOLOGY 10:1198-1204.


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