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Former Members

Ph.D. Students

Dr. Kagna Ouch Sampson (2012)

Carbon-Sulfur Bond Formation/Cleavage Reactions of Metal-Stabilized Thiyl Radicals by Electrochemical and Chemical Methods

Dr. Cesar A. Masitas (2012)

Sulfur Oxygenation of Ruthenium-Dithiolate Nitrile Hydratase Mimic Enhances Ligand Lability and Hydrolysis Activity

current position: Post-doc with Prof. Donald Kurtz at UT-San Antonio

Dr. Martin G. O'Toole (2008)

Reactivity of iron- and nickel-dithiolate model complexes of nitrile hydratase
current position: University of Louisville Micro/Nano Technology Center

Dr. Christopher S. Mullins (2006)

Modeling Metalloenzyme Function Via Spectroscopic and Computational Methods: Nickel and Zinc Metallothiolate Reactivity
current position: Assistant Professor (Campbellsville University)

Dr. Selma Poturovic (2005)

Electrochemical Investigations of a Ruthenium Thiolate System: Generation of a Metal-Coordinated Thiyl Radical and its Reactivity in C-S Bond Formation

current position: Lecturer (Bellarmine University)

M.S. Students

Kagna Ouch (2008)

Redox-regulated ethylene binding to a rhenium-thiolate complex

Kiran Venna (2007)

Carbon-Sulfur Bond Formation via Alkene Addition to an Oxidized Ruthenium-Thiolate

Majda Kreso (2006)

Ligand-Centered Alkylation of Nickel- and Iron-Aminothiolates

current position: Sourcing Specialist (Sigma-Aldrich)


Jinlan Cui (2008-12)

current position: Post-doc with Prof. Seth Brown at Notre Dame

Ming Li (2001-02)

Apurba Patra (2000-01)

current position: Assistant Professor (National Institute of Technology, Durgapur)


Chelsea Rennirt (2014)
Ashley Farnkopf (2013)
Ben Stephens (2013)
Anna Matzner-Felkner (2012-13)
Tho Nguyen-Tran (2012-13)
Conor Young (2012)
Suraj Kannan
Joseph Tong (2011-12)
Douglas Banda (2011-12)
Aaron Tyagi (2011)
Christian Kasey (2010-11)
Mark Sprowl (2010-11)
Lisa Kenney (2010-11)
Donald Herdt (2010-11)
Matt Texter (2010)
Jessica Newman (2009)
Samantha Pavey
Itoro Okpokho (2009)
Victoria D'Angelo
Tracy McKnight
Stephanie Bebout
Stefen Bright
Andrew Barnes
Komeneci Yates
Mindy Holley
(SROP – 2005)
Bertha Coleman
Danielle Kimmel
(SCAI -  2004)
Angela Phillips
(SROP - 2004)
Benjamin Risner
Jason Wiles
(SROP - 2002-03)
Majda Kreso
Holly Miller
Ryan Denton
(IMD3 Fellowship 2002)
Ben Hahn
Elaine Miller
Julianna Roddy
(SROP - 2001)
Gretchen Burkhardt
Jessica Taylor

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