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Current Members

Graduate Students

Rajat Chauhan

Rajat Chauhan

Panjab University
M.S. Chemistry 2007
DAV College Chandigarh
B.S. Chemistry 2005

Davinder Kumar

Davinder Kumar

Panjab University
M.S. Chemistry 2008
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
B.S. Chemistry 2006


Andrew 2013

Andrew Haddad

University of Louisville
B.A. Chemistry 2012



Rahul 2013Rahul Jain

Panjab University
M.S. Chemistry 2011
Panjab University
B.S. Chemistry 2009


Wuyu 2013Wuyu Zhang

Beijing University of Chemical Technology
M.S. Polymer Material Science 2010
Changzhou Universty
B.S. Material Science 2006


Jason Young

Jason Young

Western Kentucky University
M.S. Homeland Security Sciences 2013
B.S. Chemistry/Biology 2011



Nick 2013

Nicholas Vishnosky

Marist College
B.S. Chemistry 2013

Undergraduate Students

Chelsea Rennirt

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