Horner, Bruce. Rewriting Composition: Terms of Exchange. Southern Illinois University Press, 2016.

In this book, I bring together my interest in issues of labor and language, arguing that tenets of monolingualism treating languages as discrete, stable, and internally uniform entities sustain the poor working conditions of composition by rendering invisible the concrete labor of writers, including student writers, in reproducing and revising language(s) through their writing practices.  Alternatively, I argue for honoring the concrete labor composition students engage and focusing not on whether their writing differs from a chimerical language (or modal) norm but, instead, what difference to social relations it inevitably makes in what it sustains and revises.  -BH

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Winner of the 2012 CCCC Outstanding Book Award for its work in the field of Composition and Rhetoric

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Winner of the W. Ross Winterowd Award for the Most Outstanding Book Published Each Year on Composition Theory.

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