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PBDC Personnel

The PBDC is staffed by experienced personnel with extensive backgrounds in protein separation science and mass spectrometry and its application to disease studies.

Jon B. Klein, M.D.


Jon Klein, M.D., Ph.D., (Director) - Dr. Klein has been active in the field of proteomics since 1997 and has published over sixty manuscripts that employed proteomic methods to study renal disease, Alzheimer’s dementia, and diabetes mellitus.



Dr. Michael L. Merchant

Michael Merchant, Ph.D. (Associate)
– Dr. Merchant has been the Associate Director of the Quantitative Mass Spectrometry lab and prior to that, he helped develop the Proteomics Core Facility at the Leonard R. Strelitz Diabetes Research Institute at Eastern Virginia Medical School (2002-2003).  Dr. Merchant has extensive experience in sample preparation and analysis of body fluids for biomarker discovery (1-4).




David Powell, Ph.D. (Associate) – Dr. Powell has extensive training and experience in using proteomics, biochemistry and molecular biology approaches to defining events controlling critical molecular and cellular event in disease.  He received his postdoctoral training in the use of proteomic techniques in Dr. Andrew Link’s laboratory at Vanderbilt University.  He has recently performed the proteomic analysis as part of team that has identified the auto-antigen responsible for membranous nephropathy, as reported in the New England Journal of Medicine (5).


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