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Proposal Format Instructions

Instructions for completing the necessary NIH grant application forms

5The NIEHS Center for Environmental Genomics and Integrative Biology (CEGIB) at the University of Louisville is soliciting proposals for new collaborative projects in the area of genomics and integrative biology as it relates to diseases having a significant environmental component. 

Budget requests should not exceed $30,000 and one year.  Salary for faculty is not allowed.    
Awardees must cite NIH 1P30ES014443-01A1 on all abstracts and publications emerging from this grant.

FORMAT:  Use the standard NIH PHS 398 Forms.  

You can download the forms and instructions at :  (link)

Include the following pages:

  • face page
  • summary/abstract
  • key personnel page
  • budget and justification pages
  • biosketch with research support
  • resources

Follow the PHS 398 format instructions (6/09), except Research Strategy must be 8 pages or less. 

Administrator signatures are not required. 

Preference will be given to projects that make use of a CEGIB Facilities Core, and applicants are expected to contact the Core's Director for consultation on the use of the facility core and procurement of a letter of support.

Prepare the application, single sided and single spaced.

PRE-SUBMISSION:  Please email Denise A. Hand   the tentative title for your project and the names and complete addresses of four scientists (not from this institution) that can be considered as potential referees in the evaluation of your project.  Please ensure that the recommended scientists are not present or past collaborators or co-authors with you, your mentor or co-investigator, and will not otherwise be in conflict to review your submission.

SUBMISSION:  Completed applications are to be submitted electronically, in Acrobat.pdf format, as an email attachment to email Denise A. Hand    along with two hard copies delivered by 5:00 P.M. on posted due date to:

Center for Environmental Genomics and Integrative Biology
University of Louisville
Attention:  Ms. Denise A. Hand
Room 221B, Delia B. Baxter Biomedical Research Building
580 South Preston Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202 
For more information, please contact Denise A. Hand at 502-852-7284 or email

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