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IHSFC Members

IHSFC CORE MEMBERS.  The membership of IHSFC core includes the following individuals with expertise encompassing the various stages of biomarker translation and implementation:


David J. Tollerud, M.D.

David J. Tollerud, MD, MPH (link), is the IHSFC Co-Director.  He is a Professor of Public Health, Medicine and Phamacology/Toxicology, Chair of the Department Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at the School of Public Health and Information Sciences, and Associate Director at the Institute of Cellular Therapeutics. Dr. Tollerud has extensive clinical training, with specialty board certifications in internal medicine, pulmonary and critical care medicine, and environmental and occupational medicine, with a long-standing interest in the health of disadvantaged and underserved populations.

Dr. Roland Valdes, Jr

Roland Valdes, Jr., PhD, (link) Core Co-Director
Professor and Senior Vice-Chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and Director of the Translational Molecular Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine Program and Pharmacogenetics Diagnostics Laboratory. His expertise is in the areas of biomarker discovery, pharmacogenomics, clinical chemistry and biochemistry.  Dr. Valdes started two companies which have spun off of the university. He provides advice  and guidance on the conceptualization of business aspects of biomarker research and their implementation into clinical practice. 


Kathy B. Baumgartner, Ph.D.

Kathy B. Baumgartner, PhD, (link) is an IHSFC core member.  She is an Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Population Health and at the School of Public Health and Information Sciences.  Her specialty is in cancer epidemiology and she has extensive experience designing and conducting large population-based studies.  She participates in discussions related to study design, biostatistics and data analysis. Dr. Baumgartner has been instrumental in assisting investigators in initiating studies involving patients.


Saeed Jortani, Ph.D.

Saeed Jortani, PhD, (link) is the IHSFC Associate Director.  He is an Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Dr. Jortani is founder and current chair of the Proteomics Division of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. He has established the immunoassay development laboratory which under the auspices of IHSFC has been assisting CEGIB investigators with assay development needs.   


Mark A Rothstein, J.D.

Mark A. Rothstein, JD, (link) is an IHSFC core member. He is Professor of Medicine and Herbert F. Boehl Chair of Law and Medicine and directs the Institute for Bioethics, Health Policy. He has concentrated his research on bioethics, genetics, health privacy, public health law, and employment law.  Dr. Rothstein provides guidance on regulatory issues related to human studies, HIPAA, selection of study subjects and pertinent issues.

Holly Symonds Clark

Holly Symonds Clark, PhD(link) is an IHSFC core member. She an Assistant Director with the Office of Technology Transfer and was a Senior Technology Transfer Specialist within the Technology Transfer Branch of the National Cancer Institute (NCI/NIH) before coming to the University of Louisville.  Dr. Clark provides expertise in the areas of intellectual property, patent issues, licensing and commercialization of novel biomarkers, devices and therapeutics.



Barbara J. Parker

Barbara J Parker, (link) Administrative Assistant 






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