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Community Partnership

Our public health program has focused on strengthening partnerships and credibility with community-based organizations providing services to disadvantaged population in Shelby and Jefferson counties. The COEC brings a culturally-appropriate environmental health approach focused on genes, culture, environment and diseases.

Since inception of the Center, efforts have focused on the identification of community-based organizations working directly with disadvantaged residents in the Shelbyville and Louisville Metro Area.

In-depth discussions took place with the leadership of these communities to identify areas of common interest, as well as to establish connections that promote trust and understanding between the community and the COEC team. Trust building is an ongoing process that requires continued vigilance and dedication and is a pre-requisite for maximization of community involvement. The COEC is working closely with the following community-based organizations:


Shelby County COEC Partners

 Partnership 2

El Centro Latino

121 Main St.
Shelbyville, KY40065
Phone: (502) 647-3349

Shelby Prevention

1028 Main PO Box 8
Shelbyville, KY
Phone: (502) 437-0491

The Church of the Annunciation (Hispanic Ministries)

105 Main St
Shelbyville , KY
Phone: (502) 633-1547

The Sentinel (Hispanic Newspaper)

P.O. Box 399
Shelbyville,KY 40066-0399
Phone: (502) 633-2526
Fax: (502) 633-2618

Jewish Hospital

727 Hospital Drive
Shelbyville, KY 40065
Phone: (502) 647-4000

Radio Station “La Caliente"

105.7fm and 620am
Louisville, KY
Phone: (502) 776-1240

Seven Counties Services Shelbyville

101 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502)  589-8600

Shelbyville Health Department

District Office
1020 Henry Clay St.
Shelbyville, KY 40065
Phone: (502) 633-1243
Fax (502)  633-7658

Shelby County Cooperative Extension Services

1117 Frankfort Road
Shelbiville, KY 40065
Phone: (502) 633-4593
Fax: (502) 633-6713






Jefferson County COEC Community Partners




Metro Louisville Department of Public Health and Wellness (LMPHW)

Dr. Adewale Troutman, Director

The COEC has worked closely with LMPHW providing evaluative feedback on community activities and devising strategies to improve community intervention programs for the future.  Dr. I. Ramos helped to develop the smoking ban document for the City of Louisville, along with strategies to improve immunization rates throughout the City.

Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness

400 E. Gray St.

Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: (502) 574-6520

Website Link:

Healthy Start Program

Nazenin Assef, MS, Director

Healthy Start Program is a federally-funded program administered by the LMPHW that seeks to reduce infant mortality in West Louisville.

Dr. I. Ramos sits on the Advisory Board of the Healthy Start, where she provides advice on community engagement and intervention.

400 E. Gray St

Louisville, KY 40202

Phone:(502) 574-5963

Fax: (502) 574-5734

Website Link:  


Neighborhood PlacesNeighborhood place entrance

Neighborhood Places is a partnership of public sector agencies that have come together to create a network of community-based “one-stop” service centers. The centers are located in the West Louisville area, and are a key venue for provision of education.

Dr. I. Ramos sits on the Advisory Council of the Bridges of Hope Neighborhood Place, as well as the Outreach and Sustainability committee of this center. This interaction has greatly facilitated cross-fertilization of programs and development of joint educational activities.

Bridges of Hope Neighborhood Place

Mabel Wiggins Center

1114 Algonquin Parkway

Louisville, KY 40210

Phone:(502) 634-6050

Fax: (502) 634-6074

Website Link:


Family Health Centers (FHC)

Family Health Centers, Inc. (FHC) is a non-profit corporation established by the Louisville-Jefferson County Board of Health in 1976.  There are seven locations in Jefferson County, and through these, services are provided to more than 43,000 patients annually. 

The COEC has worked with the Park DuValle Health Center  on an educational program directed to educate the health care providers in charge of providing services to the targeted populations.

Park DuValle:

3015 Wilson Avenue

Louisville.KY 40211

Phone:(502) 774-4401

Website Link

Community faith-base organizations

Faith-based Organization

The COEC is working with  several faith-based community outreach programs to expand environmental health education to families attending these ministries.

Holy Name Catholic Church

2914 South Third St.

Louisville,KY 40208

Phone: (502) 583-740

Fax:(502) 589-7465

Website Link:

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

1420 E. Washington St

Louisville, KY 40206

Phone: (502) 583-0892

Website Link




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