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Goal and Focus Areas

CEGIB Community Outreach and Education Core

 Environment, Culture, Genetics & Desease

Overall Goal


The overall goal of the Community Outreach and Education Core (COEC) of the University of Louisville’s (UofL) Center for Environmental Genomics and Integrative Biology (CEGIB) is to provide environmental health education to Kentucky's under-served and disadvantaged populations.

Our program has been designed to increase the knowledge and risk perception of the complex interactions that exist between the environment, culture, genetics, and disease.


 Focus Areas


Shelbyville, KY, located in Shelby County

Metro Louisville Area, primarily of Jefferson County



Community as a Complex NetworkCommunity as a Complex Network

The CEGIB/COEC initiative views the community as a complex network that requires the application of systems- based approaches to understand and facilitate knowledge exchange within the community, as well as to improve individual and community health.







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