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Administrative Core


The Administrative Core provides a centralized location to:

  • Provide scientific leadership and visionary strategy for the Center.
  • Organize and support monthly meetings of the membership, monthly meetings of the Internal Advisory Board, and the annual meeting of the External Advisory Board. 
  • Make arrangements for seminars, symposia, workshops, retreats and other enrichment activities of the Center.
  • Provide support for the Pilot Project Program by preparing and distributing “Call for Proposals” notices and providing assistance to the Pilot Project Committee as needed to facilitate the external scientific review process and maintenance of records, including preparation and distribution of award notices, oversight of funding and expenditures, and maintenance of progress report records.
  • Provide support for the Career Development Program by gathering data, providing NIEHS information, scheduling meetings, and handling correspondence needed to support efforts to provide training and cross-training and establish collaborations between talented new investigators and researchers established in environmental health research and environmental medicine.
  •  Provide support for the Community Outreach and Education Core to develop and implement programs and maintain records of activities and initiatives as needed.
  • Interface with the Accounting Operations of the University of Louisville’s Controller’s Office in the provision of oversight to the Administrative Core for compliance with NIH regulations, and provision of monthly electronic statements of expenditures.
  • Provide Annual Reports to the NIEHS Environmental Health Sciences Core Program and the University of Louisville.
  • Reconcile and verify expenditures and maintain accounting records.
  • Oversee the development of the Center budget.
  • Oversee the accuracy, usefulness and timeliness of information included in the CEGIB website.
  • Publish and distribute the CEGIB newsletter.
  • Maintain and distribute the CEGIB membership directory.
  • Maintain records of Center-related activities including meetings minutes, Facility Core Usage, Center publications, Pilot Project submissions and awards, new grant applications, and business correspondence.
  • Make travel arrangements for External Advisory Board members, external speakers and attendees of the annual NIEHS meetings.
  • Serve as the point of contact with the Grants Management staff of the NIEHS and interact with NIEHS, other NIEHS Centers and external constituencies.
  • Perform other duties as required to advance the goals of the Center.


The Administrative Core members enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to meet the challenges presented by fulfilling the needs of the Center members and staff and focus on maintaining a dynamic and flexible program that is open to new ideas and technology to advance the field of environmental genomics, integrative biology and environmental medicine.


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