Undergraduate Exit Survey

Please provide our department with feedback about your time as an English major.

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Why did you decide to become an English major?
What are your impressions of the course offerings in English? Please comment specifically about 300/310 and 491, as well as any course that stands out in your mind. What was the best course you took from the English department? Why was it so successful?
If you could design the ideal English course for yourself, what would it be? What books/ articles/ movies, etc., would you assign? What kind of writing assignments would you include? Would there be tests, field trips?
What do you value most about your experience as an English major? In what areas of English Studies do you feel well prepared? In what areas of English Studies do you feel under-prepared?
What suggestions can you offer about improving the department to better serve future majors?
The department seeks to assist students in various ways, such as scholarships. What are your impressions about departmental assistance? Do you have any suggestions for the department to better aid its majors?
Did the department help foster a sense of community among majors? How might that goal be better achieved?
What are your plans for the next two years? Employment? If so, where? Further study? If so, what kind of degree and where?

Thank you for completing the Undergraduate Exit Survey.