Harry L. and Cecilia H. Smith Scholarship Application Form

Please complete this form and send it, with all supporting materials to: Sherry McCroskey, Dept of English, 315 Bingham Humanities, no later than 4 PM on March 29, 2019.

Scholarship Application for  Please check the scholarship(s) for which you wish to apply. Seniors are eligible for all three scholarships, non-seniors are eligible for the Smith and Riedley Scholarships.


A. Completed Application form

B. Transcript of all work attempted in any college or university. Informal transcripts are acceptable.

C. Requested references

D. Sample of your expository or analytical writing undertaken for an English class (no creative writing).

E. Cover Letter explaining your application or drawing attention to anything you think the Committee ought to know about your career as an English major (1 page maximum).