Graduate Internships

Internship Handbook 

Internship Opportunities

These opportunities are not exhaustive. Please feel free to request an internship not listed below.

Actor's Theatre 

Season-long residencies (August - April). A small number of unpaid summer internships are also available in company management/hospitality, development, education, and markets. 

Church Hill Downs: Backside Learning Center

Program Assistant, Educational Program Assistant, and Adult English Instructor Internships available.

Department of Information Technology

The Louisville metro-government department of information technology is seeking interns with a passion for civic technology and working to make local government work better for our residents.

Louisville Metro-Government (General Internship Search)

For other metro-government internships enter "internship" in the search box. 

Frazier Museum

The Fraizer Museum offers a number of college internships, year-round, in many different museum departments. Commonly offered internships include: education, marketing/PR, event planning, photography, volunteer coordinator/HR.


Humana offers internships in all business areas from HR to marketing. Internships are tailored to the student and their career aspirations. 

Seeks interns year round in the following areas: reporting, writing, research, proofreading, photojournalism. Louisville Magazine covers everything local - people, restaurants, trends, issues, and events. Interns will participate in editorial meetings and help brainstorm ideas for content. Scheduling is flexible, a typical schedule is 9:00AM - 1:00 PM, 3 days a week.

To apply for a Louisville Magazine internship send your CV/resume, and cover letter to Josh Moss (

* Louisville Magazine and are now offering joint internships. For more information and to apply contact (editor of Louisville Magazine) or (acting editor of - Phone 502-625-0100 X 40

Louisville Public Media

WFPL Newsroom & Classical 90.5 internships available.

Metro TV

Interns will have the opportunity to report, produce packages, and host programs to gain valuable on-air experience. Metro-TV requires a 10 - 15 hour per week schedule for 3 consecutive months. 

Sarabande Books

Sarabande books now offers 4 internship positions every fall, spring, and summer. These competitive internships require application far in advance of the semester you wish to take the internship. 

Speed Art Museum

Speed Art Museum offers year round internships in marketing and communications, curatorial, development, and learning and community outreach. 

Speilburg Literary Agency

Interns at Speilburg Literary Agency will initially be focusing on incoming submissions and requested manuscripts, reading them and providing feedback. As the internship progresses the duties will broaden to include the intern's special interests (areas include contract review, marketing & publicity, manuscript development, and writing pitches to publishers). The intern will meet with Alice Speilburg for 30 - 60 minutes once a week to discuss a publishing topic and review any recent work. Most work will be completed at home. Publishing topics that will be discussed include:

  • Process behind a book deal
  • Author's networking, publishing, and query letters
  • Book trends, content acquisition and development
  • Understanding advances, royalty statements, and contracts
  • Importance of platform marketing
  • Overview of publishing houses and their business models
  • Start-ups and self-publishing
  • Types of publishing
  • Publishing departments, jobs, and how to get in the door

Contact Alice Speilburg at

Student Conservation Association

Year round internships with the National Parks Service and similar conservation agencies. Typically provide stipend and travel allowance. 

Westminister John Knox Press

Interns will:

  • Act as a product manager for 1 -2 books. This includes writing descriptive copy and an author bio for the book, writing a marketing plan, and implementing aspects of that plan.
  • Assist marketing staff with implementing marketing plans for various books. This includes writing copy for advertisements, book jackets, email campaigns, press releases, and catalogs; proofreading copy; helping to implement social media campaigns; and offering input on the design/structure of ads and email campaigns.
  • Attend and participate in our monthly Product Approval Group (PAG) meeting, where we consider new book proposals. The intern would have the opportunity to provide input into the discussion, conduct research into marketplace needs, and help the marking staff make recommendations for whether to publish the books or note.
  • Attend and participate in our monthly Product Development Team (PDT) meetings, where we look at our publishing history and assess marketplace needs to determine the types of books and authors we should be pursuing.
  • Attend and participate in twice-monthly marketing department meetings (one in conjunction with the retail staff, and one with the sales staff).
  • Assist with mailings, data entry, and other administrative tasks as assigned. 

Contact: Emily Kiefer - Marketing Manager. (502) 569-5811. 

Internship Forms

Student Intern Agreement (Word Doc.)- To be completed and submitted by the student prior to the internship

Memorandum of Understanding (Word Doc.)- To be completed by the Onsite supervisor and intern prior to the internship

Work Agreement (Word Doc.) - To be completed by the Faculty Supervisor, Onsite Supervisor and student prior to the start of the internship

Time Sheet(Excel Spreadsheet)- To be completed and turned in monthly (schedule available in the internship handbook)

Supervisor End of Internship Evaluation (Word Doc)- To be completed at the end of the internship and emailed directly to the Faculty Supervisor (cc Administrative Assistant) ; or completed on paper and placed in a sealed envelope to be turned in to the Administrative Assistant by the intern.

Intern Self Evaluation - To be completed at the end of the internship and emailed directly to the Faculty Supervisor (cc Administrative Assistant); or completed on paper and turned in to the Administrative Assistant