M.A. Student Learning Outcome

Rating Scale:

1 - Absent



4 - Clearly Evident

Survey Taker
Please select one, if you are a faculty member please put student's name in the comment section.

Project Type
Please select the type of project being evaluated.

I. Student will gain advanced knowledge in the field of English studies
Engagement with current critical discussions in the chosen field.

II. Students will gain research skills appropriate to the chosen project.
A) Retrieval of relevant scholarship (critical projects). B) Assessment of and response to scholarship (critical projects). C) Incorporation of secondary research (critical projects). D) Investigation of creative writing traditions into which the student's work fits (creative projects).

III. Students will gain knowledge and skills in the area of rhetorical effectiveness
A) Sense of audience. B) Clear focus or purpose. C) Appropriate use of supporting evidence or detail.

IV. Students will learn to use the conventions of writing:
in a genre appropriate to their chosen field of English studies A) Correctness in matters of mechanics and syntax. B) Substantially appropriate documentation practices. C) Appropriate diction. D) Coherent structure/organization.