FileApplication for Graduate Teaching Assistantship-English Graduate Studies
FileDissertation Prospectus Approval Form
FileM.A. Graduate Student Survey
FilePh.D. Graduate Student Survey
Form FolderPh.D. Student Learning Outcome Assessment
Form FolderOutside Readers
Form FolderM.A. Student Learning Outcome
Form FolderSchedule a Thesis/Dissertation
Form FolderSchedule Exams: PhD
FileMA Advising PDF
FilePhD Advising Sheet
Form FolderSchedule a Visit
FileTravel Instructions
Travel Instructions with Checklist
FileCP Checklist - PDF
Checklist to help students ensure they complete all the steps to successfully finish their Culminating Project
FileThesis Checklist
Checklist for students to help them successfully complete the requirements for a Thesis
Form FolderRequest for Review: Internship Choices
FileApplication to Enroll in Co-op Internship
This is a fillable form to complete to enroll for English Graduate Co-op.
FileTime Sheet
Bi-weekly time sheet for co-op internship
FileEvaluation - Supervisor
Fillable and printable evaluation form for on site internship supervisors.
FileEvaluation - Self
Fillable and printable form student completes after completion of a co-op internship
FileInternship Work Agreement
PDF Fillable form. Work Agreement.