Thomas B. Byers

Thomas B. Byers

English Courses Recently Taught:

ENGL 574-01 Studies in U.S. Literature since 1960
ENGL 312 - 02: American Literature II (Spring, 2009)
ENGL 681 - 75: Seminar in Special Studies (Fall, 2008)
ENGL 681 – 75: Film and the Postmodern (Fall, 2007)
ENGL 202 - 02: Introduction to Creative Writing (Spring, 2007)
ENGL 692 - 75: Topics in Interpretive Theory since 1900 (Fall, 2006)

Educational Background

  • A.B. and A.M. from Brown University
  • Ph.D. from University of Iowa

Teaching Areas

  • U. S. literature,film, interpretive theory

Research Interests

  • U. S. literature, especially contemporary; film studies; theories of interpretation; the postmodern. Essays in progress on the Bourne trilogy and Brokeback Mountain. Thinking about zombies.

Professional Activities

  • Has taught at U of L since 1980. Widowed, two children. Nine-time Director of US Department of State Study of the US Institute on Contemporary American Literature. A lover of good jokes.

Honors & Awards

  • University Distinguised Teaching Award (graduate)
  • Red Apple Award
  • College Distinguished Service Award for Service to the Community
  • College Distinguished Service Award for Service to the University
  • College Research Award
  • Fulbright Senior Fellow and Senior Specialist


Back to the Future: The Humanist Matrix
Bartlett, Laura, and Thomas B. Byers. "Back to the Future: The Humanist Matrix." Posthumanism. Spec. issue of Cultural Critique 53 (winter, 2003): 28-46.
Titanic Histories
Byers, Thomas B. "Titanic Histories." Und das Kino geht weiter: Vergangenheit im Hollywood der Gegenwart. Spec. Issue of zeitgeschichte 29 (2002): 286-97.  In German.  For an English copy, e-mail me at