Brenda Brueggemann

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Brenda Brueggemann received her PhD in Rhetoric from the University of Louisville in 1992. After 22 years on the faculty at The Ohio State University, she recently returned to UofL to serve as the Director of Composition (and Professor of English). In addition to long-standing interests in rhetoric, creative non-fiction, and pedagogy, much of her work over the last decade has been focused in Disability Studies and Deaf Studies. She has single authored two books in Deaf/Disability Studies, co-authored a composition textbook, and edited or co-edited five other volumes; she has published over 60 essays and articles. Her current projects involve a community engagement and oral history/documentary film around the "Art as Memory: Suffering, Redemption, and Liberation" project with the Council on Developmental Disabilities, an educational blog on the Nazi's Aktion T-4 program, and an epistolary biography of Mabel Hubbard Bell (Alexander Graham Bell's deaf wife). She is the program chair for the 2015 Society for Disability Studies annual conference and the incoming president for that organization as well.

Courses Taught

Prerequisite: ENGL 102 or 105. Focuses on responding to differing rhetorical situations at an advanced level in appropriate modes for diverse audiences. Emphasizes creating and revising several substantial writing projects. Develops critical reading and writing abilities in multiple genres.
Introduction to the design of the freshman composition syllabus, writing assignments, and ways of responding to them.
Involves discussion and analysis of advanced research topics leading to the dissertation.


Educational Background:

M.A. University of Kansas
Ph.D. University of Louisville

Research Interests:

Pedagogy; creative non-fiction; Deaf studies; Disability Studies.

    Select Publications:

      Author of Deaf Subjects: Between Identities and Places (New York UP, 2009) and Lend Me Your Ear: Rhetorical Constructions of Deafness (Gallaudet UP, 1999). Co-author, Editor, or Co-Editor of 7 other books. Curator of a 2012 art exhibit, "Constructing James Castle."

        Current projects:

          a co-authored volume on disability in higher education
          a work of creative non-fiction (combining epistolary, biography, autobiography) on Mabel Hubbard Bell
          an educational and critical blog on the Nazi's "Aktion T-4" program that killed over 240,000 people with disabilities from 1940-1945.
          a film on the deaf "self-taught" artist, James Castle



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