Current Faculty

David AndersonAssociate Professor502-852-3050HM312CM 12-12:50 and 2-3; W 12-12:50; and Friday 12-12:50
S. Matthew BibermanProfessor502-852-3052HM319DT/Th 11-12 and by appt.
Dale B. BillingsleyProfessor502-852-5712Strickler EastNot teaching this term.
Beth BoehmProfessor502-852-3975Houchens 105
Karen ChandlerAssociate Professor502-852-5568HM305MWF 11-12 and by appt.
Amy ClukeyAssistant Professor502-852-2187HM318AT/Th 2:15-3:30 and by appt.
Julia DietrichProfessor502-852-2245Gardiner Hall 201Sabbatical
Alan GoldingProfessor502-852-5918HM312BMW 2:45-3:45 and by appt.
Susan GriffinProfessor
Distinguished University Scholar
Paul GrinerProfessor502-852-3053HM319CT/Th 1-2 and by appt.
Karen HadleyAssociate Professor502-852-3047HM317CMW noon-1 and by appt.
Bruce HornerProfessor
Endowed Chair in Rhetoric and Composition
502-852-2185HM316MW 3:15-5:15
Timothy JohnsonAssistant Professor502-852-1687HM336CM 10-1; Th 12:30-2
Frank KeldermanAssistant Professor502-852-0509HM318BMW 12:30-1:30 and by appt.
Karen KopelsonAssociate Professor
University Distinguished Teaching Professor
502-852-0508HM335BT 2-4, Th 3-4 and by appt.
Deborah LutzProfessor
Morton Endowed Chair
502-852-3057HM318CT/Th 4-5 pm
Frances McDonaldAssistant Professor502-852-0986HM335CT/Th 11-12 or by appt.
Kristi MaxwellAssistant Professor502-852-0504HM321MW 1-2:30 and by appt.
Andrea OlingerAssistant Professor502-852-3051HM312DMW 3:30-4:30 and by appt.
Ranen Omer-ShermanProfessor502-852-6842HUM 203
Kiki PetrosinoAssociate Professor
Director of Creative Writing
502-852-2186HM318DT 2-4 and by appt.
Andrew RabinProfessor
Vice Chair
502-852-1722HM336BT/Th 12:30-2:30
Glynis RidleyProfessor
Department Chair
Mary I. RosnerAssociate Professor502-852-7158HM319AT/Th 12-12:50, 3:45-4:30 and by appt.
Susan RyanAssociate Professor502-852-5920HM315BT/Th 11-12:30 and by appt.
Stephen SchneiderAssociate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
502-852-2188HM315DBy appt. only
Mary P. SheridanProfessor502-852-1750HM317AMW 10-11 and by appt.
Hristomir A. StanevAssociate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ian StanselAssistant Professor502-852-4741HM312AT/Th 10-11
Joseph TurnerAssistant Professor502-852-3055HM317DM 12-2, Wednesday 5-7 and by appt.
Ann Elizabeth WilleyDirector of Composition   502-852-0510HM315AMW 1-2:30
Bronwyn T. WilliamsDirector of Writing Center502-852-2173Writing Center, Ekstrom LibraryM 1-3 and by appointment
Elaine O. WiseAssistant Professor502-852-7149HM303DMW 11-12, T 3-4 and by appt.

Visiting & Term Faculty

V. Joshua AdamsVisiting Assistant Professor502-852-1720HM336AT 11-1 and by appt.
Joan D'AntoniTerm Instructor502-852-6857HMLL4CMWF 7:40-8 am, 10-11 and MW 2-3 by appt.
Dale HachtenTerm Instructor502-852-5583HM318EMWF 8-9, 12-1 and by appt.
Mark MattesVisiting Assistant Professor502-852-6590HM335AW 2-3, Th 11-noon and by appt.
Robin Lee MozerAssistant Professor502-852-4647HM335DT 1-3 and by appt.
Steve SmithTerm Instructor502-852-4742SH420T/Th 10:50-12:50 and by appt.
Denise TannerTerm Instructor502-637-6332OffsiteOnline M-Th 11-2, but encouraged to call anytime between 9am-7pm on Th

Part-time Lecturers

Sue Ann Compton
Shannon Dehn
Nettie Farris
Jacob Friedma
Miles Fuller
Taylor Gathof
Leslie Ann Harper
Jamison Huebsch
Tara Lawson
Amy C. Mansfield
Allan McGuffey
Jennifer A. Miles
Leslie Millar
Rose M. Mills
Brett Paice
John M. Peck
William Rich
Timothy Roberts
Tanya Robertson
Linda Rogers
Timothy Story
Heather Turner
Paaula von Lowenfeldt
Brian Weinberg
Hollye Wright