Foreign Travel


All policies listed for travel within the United States also apply to Foreign Travel. The standard Request for Authorization to Travel needs to completed for the Department. In addition a Request for Authorization for Out-of-Country Travel must be completed for the Provost Office. For detailed instructions and other necessary on-line forms visit

Per diem is paid according to the US Government rate, which can be found at

Foreign per diem is paid on meals (M & I) only.

The Controller's Office uses the FX Converter for all conversions of foreign money. Your conversions are compared with this rate using the day the charge was made. As you are aware, exchange rates may change daily. Please note on your travel form the conversion rate you used for each area you traveled. The FX Converter can be found at the following website

Those of you traveling in June have a deadline to meet for turning in travel to be included in the fiscal year. Consult the Unit Business Manager in May for the deadlines for that year.