Faculty Travel Tips

The travel tips listed below are intended to act as guidelines. For specific questions not answered by these tips contact Taleia Willis.

Travel Policy

Travel Pocket Guide


Authorization to Travel Form

Travel Expense Report

Domestic Travel

Before Travel:

  1. At least one month PRIOR to travel complete a Travel Authorization Form.
  2. On your authorization note if you will need to pick up the Pro-Card for registration. You will be contacted by Annelise once authorization is granted to schedule a time to pick up the Pro-Card.
  3. When you book flights include Taleia and Annelise's email address under "Additional Information."

    After Travel:

    1. Complete travel expense report
    2. Forward or hand all original receipts to Taleia.
    3. Include a copy of the front page of the conference booklet or the page showing your presentation.
    4. Include a copy of your registration receipt if purchased via the Pro-Card.

    Foreign Travel

    Before Travel:

    All policies listed for travel within the United States also apply to Foreign Travel. The standard Request for Authorization to Travel needs to completed for the Department. In addition a Request for Authorization for Out-of-Country Travel must be completed for the Provost Office. For detailed instructions and on-line forms visit http://www.louisville.edu/provost/travel/
    • Per diem is paid according to the US Government rate, which can be found at http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/
    • Foreign per diem is paid on meals only. (Incidentals will be removed)

    The Controller's Office uses the FX Converter for all conversions of foreign money. You conversions are compared with this rate using the day the charge was made. As you are aware, exchange rates may change daily. Please note on your travel form the conversion rate you used for each area you traveled. The FX Converter can be found at the following website

    After Travel:

    Complete a Travel Expense Report. The Controller is particularly picky about plane tickets and lodging.

    • A copy of the front page of your conference booklet should be included showing dates.

    Misc. Travel Information

    Those of you traveling in June have a deadline to meet for turning in travel to be included in the fiscal year. Consult the Unit Business Manager in May for the deadlines for that year.


      • Airline tickets should include proof of payment and itinerary showing departure and arrival time. With online tickets follow the page or link that says "Print a Receipt" this should include all the required information.
      • List any and all ground transportation — cabs, subway, etc. Receipts are needed for any claim, but especially for claims over $30. Gas receipts for rental cars can also be turned in for reimbursement.
      • If you drive your own car, mileage will be reimbursed. You will need proof that your mileage is cheaper than a flight.  A copy of a flight schedule price from PanAm is needed.


      • For personal days taken during trip no lodging or per diem will be reimbursed.
      • All lodging bills must show proof of payment and daily rate, including city and state taxes.
      • If lodging is shared by more than one person, each person must turn in an individual bill with their name printed on the bill and proof of payment for the cost shared.
      • Bills that are left under the hotel room door do not contain proof of payment.  Go by the hotel desk and pick up an invoice.
      • Similarly, if you stay in a motel where only a sales slip is provided for a receipt, a note from you is needed stating the receipt amount includes the room charge(s), taxes, and no incidentals. Without this note attached to the receipt, the Controller will not reimburse.
      • Lodging with a friend or family member during travel should be noted.

      Other Expenses

      • One long distance call
      • Copy work cannot be turned in on a travel voucher.
      • Charges for online hookups can not be turned in on your voucher unless it is charged on your hotel bill, which can be paid by disbursement if receipts are turned in.


      Once the Travel Expense Report (TER) is checked and all the information is correct, it will be entered into PeopleSoft by Taleia Willis, and completed by the Controller’s Office for processing. The sooner the TER is processed by this office, the sooner it will appear as a direct deposit in your bank account.