Department Listservs

A listserv is a service for maintaining a list of email addresses. Instead of typing out dozens of email addresses individually, you can instead send an email to the listserv address to reach a group of people.

For information on obtaining a listserv for your individual class or other group contact the IT Department at this address to external site.
Below is a list of the listservs maintained by the English department:

Listserv AddressPurposeListserv owner
ENGLISH@listserv.louisville.eduAll Faculty, Staff, GTAs & Instructors associated with the English DepartmentHung Nguyen
ENGFAC@listserv.louisville.eduTenured and Tenure-Track FacultyHung Nguyen
ENGTERM@listserv.louisville.eduVisiting Faculty, Term InstructorsHung Nguyen
RHETCOMP@listserv.louisville.eduAll Department members who wish to receive notices of interest to rhetoric and composition.Hung Nguyen
EGO-NEWS@listserv.louisville.eduEnglish Graduate Students.Hung Nguyen
ENG-CREATIVE@listserv.louisville.eduStudents and Faculty interested in the Creative Writing Program and events.Hung Nguyen
ENGMEET@listserv.louisville.eduEnglishHung Nguyen
ENGMAJOR@listserv.louisville.eduEnglish MajorHung Nguyen
ENGMINOR@listserv.louisville.eduEnglish MinorHung Nguyen
PTFLIST@listserv.louisville.eduPTLHung Nguyen