Department of English Procards

The Department of English currently has three procurement cards which may be checked out by authorized card users. Cardholders can purchase items from Amazon, Walmart and Officemax. For all other vendors faculty and staff must check out the card.

  1. Annelise Gray - Department of English - Available for checkout 7:30 AM - 3:00PM
  2. Sherry McCroskey - Watson - Available for checkout Monday-Thursday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  3. Linda Baldwin – Bonnie - Available for checkout MTRF 7:30AM - 4:30PM (Out of office on Wednesdays)

Purchase Request Form

Hotel Authorization Form

Business Meal Check Out Form

ProCard Procedures by Category


  1. E-mailthe UBM with the direct link(s) to item(s) you wish purchased, anticipated cost, and business purpose. (Allow 48 hours for purchase)
  2. ProCard holder will purchase the item after receipt of approval from the UBM or Chair.
  3. ProCard holder will alert you of item(s) arrival, or place it in your mailbox.


*If you have never used the ProCard you will need to complete 2 authorization forms. Please request these forms from the                 ProCard holder. You will need to complete these authorization forms prior to checking out the ProCard.

  1. At least 48 hours before you wish to purchase an item please complete a purchase request form or email the UBM with the anticipated vendor, anticipated check out time & date, items to be purchased, anticipated cost, and business purpose.
  2. Upon approval the Pro-Card holder will contact you to confirm date/time of pickup.
  3. Before purchasing any items, contact the vendor to verify they have the University’s Tax Exempt information. The University’s Tax Exemption number is C-102.  If there is tax charged to the card you will be responsible for obtaining a refund. (Tax Exempt certificates can be picked up in the office from the ProCard holder if required by the vendor).
  4. When you arrive to pick up the ProCard you will need to complete the sign out log.
  5. The ProCard should be returned within 24 hours unless prior arrangements have been made.
  6. When you return the ProCard you will need to complete the signature log and turn in the itemized receipts and the signature receipts with final totals (if separate receipts) to the ProCard holder.


  1. At least 48 hours before the business meal complete the Pro-Card Request: Meals form. This form is automatically sent to both administrative assistants.
  2.  The ProCard holder will request approval from the UBM and then confirm the pick-up date and time
  3. The card must be returned within 24 hours unless prior arrangements have been made with the ProCard holder.
  4. When paying for the dinner, request both an itemized receipt and a charge receipt. Be sure t0 sign the copy of the charge receipt, include tip.
  5. Check the receipt before leaving the restaurant to ensure that tax has not been charged. If tax was charged you will be responsible for obtaining a refund.
  6. Separate receipts are necessary for alcohol purchases during meals. Request that the alcohol purchase be tax exempt, if the restaurant refuses send the Procard holder a note stating that you requested exemption and it was refused (this will not be accepted for anything other than alcohol purchases) and follow the receipt procedure listed above for the meals.
  7. When you return the card, bring the following with you:
    1. All itemized receipts showing tax exemption.
    2. All charge receipts with signatures showing original charge and tip.
    3. Any change in list of participants


Hotels are a specialized charge requiring extended notice. If you will need to book a hotel room for a visitor, please alert the Undergraduate Administrative Assistant at least one month prior to the date of the stay. The farther in advance we can reserve the hotel, the better.  Please complete the property name and address and the guest/event information on the Hotel Authorization Form and email/drop it off with the Undergraduate Administrative Assistant. Please note any specialized charges (i.e. early check-in, late check-out, breakfast, etc.) The ProCard may not be used to purchase hotel rooms for faculty or staff.


  • Please note that large technology and software purchases such as computers will need to go through Hung Nyugen (502-852-6932)
  • The ProCard may not be used to purchase paper products for receptions. These items can be ordered by the office staff from the stock room. Please allow 3 to 4 days for ordering and delivery of the items.
  • The daily ProCard limit is $2500.

Employee Departures

Please be advised, anything purchased with funds controlled by the University is the property of UofL upon termination of employment.  This includes items purchased with Grant funds.  The only instance in which the University of Louisville allows a researcher to remove equipment from the property is if it is being transferred to another institution of higher education and the other institution must acknowledge and accept the transfer as their property prior to the employee's separation.  For further information regarding this policy, please contact the Director of Contract Administration & Procurement, David C. Martin at 502-852-8220.