Committee Assignments

English Dept Committee Assignments 2016 - 2017

English Dept Committee Assignments 2015-2016

Please note assignments accommodate the following sabbaticals:

F15 - Chandler, Rosner

Sp16 - Griner, Kopelson, Sheridan


Composition: Brueggemann (Chair), D’Antoni, Hachten, Olinger, Smith, Tanner

Creative Writing: Petrosino (Chair), Griner, Ridge, Stansel

Creative Writing Miracle Monocle: Ridge

Graduate: Biberman, Brueggemann, Hadley, Schneider (Chair), Williams. Grad rep: TBA

Graduate – PhD exams: Johnson, Kopelson (F15 only), Schneider, Sheridan (Chair F15 only)

Graduate – Job placement and professionalization: Boehm,Turner, Williams (Chair)

Internship: Ridley (F15), Chandler (Sp 16)

Louisville Conference: Adams, Anderson, Biberman, Golding, (Chair), Heryford, Jaffe, Schneider, Willey. Advisory: Petrosino for poetry submissions, Michael Williams (Humanities) for fiction submissions.

MA Culminating Project Review: Biberman, Griner (F15 only), Kopelson (F15 only), Rosner (Sp 16 only), Stanev.

Personnel: Golding, Griner (F15 only), Griffin (Chair), Kopelson (F15 only), Rabin (3 yr term starts Sp 16 to replace Griner), Willey. Alternates: Lutz (15-16), Wise (Sp 16 only to replace Kopelson)

Plattus Committee: has traditionally been a separate committee – for 15-16 its duties will be undertaken by Composition Committee, as in 14-15.

Research: Anderson, Petrosino, Rabin (Chair), Sheridan

Search (Skinner line/CW: Fiction): Petrosino (Chair), Golding, Stansel.  Staff: Sherry McCroskey

Search (Byers line/American Lit since 1945): Jaffe (Chair), Anderson, Ryan. Staff: Annelise Gray

Technology: Mattes, Sheridan (Chair F15 only),Stanev. Grad rep: TBA. Tier 1 Nguyen, & UBM Stephens (Attend). Advisory: Ryan

Undergraduate: Dietrich, Johnson, Mozer, Rosner (Sp16 only), Willey (Chair). Advisory re. Internship: Ridley F15, Chandler Sp 16

Undergraduate Advisors: Mozer, Willey.

Watson: Horner (Chair), Brueggemann, Olinger, Turner, Sheridan (F15 only). Grad rep: TBA



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