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Pedagogy Workshops

Upcoming Pedagogy Workshops

Spring 2010 Workshops are currently being developed.


Previous Workshops

(10.4.09) "Workshop on English 102 Textbooks


Part 1: (Eric Leake discusses his use of Joseph Harris' Rewriting in English 102)

Part 2: Ann Compton discusses her use of  Sunstein and  Chiseri-Strater's Filedworking)

Part 3: (Matt Dowell discusses his use of Min-Zhan Lu and Bruce Horner's Writing Conventions)

Part 4: (Joan D'Antoni discusses her topical approach to writing projects in English 102)


(9.30.09) "Working with Blogs and Wikis in the Composition Classroom" with Ryan Trauman and Shyam Sharma


Part 1: (Trauman discusses potential benefits of blogging in the comp classroom)

Part 2: (Trauman presents two model blog assignments)

Part 3: (Shyam introduces key features of wikis)

Part 4: (Shyam presents examples of classroom wikis)

Supplemental Materials:

Powerpoint presentation for Parts 1 & 2 (Trauman)

Handout for Parts 1 & 2 (Trauman)

Powerpoint presentation for Parts 3 & 4 (Sharma)

Handout for Parts 3 & 4 (Sharma)

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