Cardinal Compositions

Are you proud of the writing you've done for any of your courses? Are you proud of the writing you've done outside of school? Are you proud of your original artwork? Do you want to share your work with the U ofL community? Do you want to tell people that your work has been published?

Consider submitting to Cardinal Compositions, a print and digital journal of undergraduate student work. If your material is selected, you will receive a free copy of the collection and a certificate of achievement!

What to Submit

  • Any work you completed for your courses. You may submit as many pieces as you like.
  • All citations: we will not consider work that does not properly cite sources.
  • A completed Permission to Publish Form.

We are also taking digital (video, audio, alphabetic) submissions and will host these in the digital journal on

How to Submit

  1. Fill out the Permission to Publish Form
  2. Email a copy of your form and your work to

Please contact the editors if you have any questions. The Cardinal Compositions Committee looks forward to reading your work!


Photo of Everyday Writer 5th edition cover
Cardinal Compositions 2015 cover